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Country: Russian Federation
Stealth spamware creator. One of the larger criminal spamming operations around. Runs a CGI mailer on machines in Russia and uses hijacked open proxies and virus infected PC bots to flood the world with spam.

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<title> - bulk email has never been this easy!</title>

<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Real anonymous bulk mailer">

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Send-Safe is a bulk email software program based on a unique know-how sending technology. It provides real anonymous instant delivery - you can use your regular Internet connection because your IP address will never be shown in the email headers. Send-Safe performs email validation and displays delivery statistics in real time, which gives you the ability to evaluate the quality of your mailing lists. Send-Safe mailing software is free of charge. Our pricing is based on the number of emails you send over a given period of time.

Send-Safe benefits:
- real anonymity (using proprietary proxy routing - the next wave in bulk email stealth technology);
- sending speed depends on your connection only (thread count control - up to 500);
- lowest prices;
- free client software;
- simple to use;
- all required data client software retrieves from our center automatically (no more hunting for relays or paying hundreds of dollars for open relays);
- you can run many copies simultaneously on different computers;
- no port 25 needed (not affected by port 25 blocking ISPs);
- support, free ugrades, dedicated software team insures that Send-Safe will be able to deliver your emails.



Send-Safe Proxy Scanner

Send-Safe Proxy Scanner is a program designed for searching for HTTPS/SOCKS proxies over the net by scanning IP ranges and checking existing lists of proxies.

Key features:

Safe scanning using proxies. No more problems with ISPs!
Ability to check found proxies for SMTP protocol support (i.e. compatibility with anonymous mailers like Send-Safe).
Ability to save current state and resume it at the next start.


Send-Safe Honeypot Hunter

Send-Safe Honeypot Hunter is a tool designed for checking lists of HTTPS and SOCKS proxies for so called "honey pots". "Honey pots" are fake proxies run by the people who are attempting to frame bulkers by using those fake proxies for logging traffic through them and then send complaints to ones' ISPs.

Key features:

Checks lists of HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies with any ports.
May be used for usual proxylist validating as well.


Send-Safe Email Verifier
Send-Safe Email Verifier is a program designed to determine which of addresses in mail list are dead and which alive. The program works on the same algorithm as ISP mail systems do. Mail servers addresses for e-mail are extracted from DNS. Send-Safe Email Verifier tries to connect with found SMTP-servers and simulates the sending of message. It does not come to the message sending - the programm disconnect as soon as mail server informs does this address exist or not.

Key features:

Support anonymous checking (required HTTPS, SOCKS4 or SOCKS5 proxy list). No more problems with ISPs!
Ability to email syntax checking.
Ability to mark emails as valid for domains like AOL and YAHOO for speeding up.
Ability to see a report of blocked HTTPS proxies by domains.
Ability to set a number of thread working both DNS and SMTP servers.
Ability to save current state and resume it at the next start.


WELDONE !! it is the 1st time I try a Bulk Email software which doesn't show the real IP..did some tests and didn't see my real IP in the headers.... I didn't think it was possible but it is ....Wow !

christophe monereau
Awesome! Over 240,000/hr verified! I've sent millions of messages and not a word from my ISP. An all in one bulk email program. No more hunting mail servers or open relays for me.
Thanks Send-Safe!

Al Henry
Dear send-safe, I am writing you to tell you I have used just about every mailer available and although there are much faster mailers available the delivery rate I get with send-safe is so far superior to any of the others it is in a class of its own my responses have quadrupled since I started using send-safe. As far as support there is really nothing to speak of it is so easy to use and I have had no problems thank you send-safe.

WOW! I can not believe the time & Money this Mailier has saved me!
I was spending around 2 to 4 hours a day just to find a Relay to mail with. Then when I couldn't find any I had to pay $15.00 just for 1 ip# half the time it would get shut down or blocked before I could get my mailing done!
Well now with send-safe I don't have to worry about if I'm going to get my mailing done! I just open the mailier ad my list & ad letter & away they go! No more worrying about my mails being delivered now!
Thanks send-safe for making a dependable Mailier!

Michael Abbott USA

\ Note by FG Feb 14, 2005:
\ Domain name:
\ Registrant:
\ Michael Abbott (CKKMN)
\ Created Success
\ P.O. Box 35
\ Brownsburg, IN 46112
\ United States
\ Phone: 317-858-0281
\ Fax: 317-852-9093
\ --
\ IN A (Sun Network)
Just had to say this is the BEST program I have ever seen.
I have tried Speedy Mailer, DesktopServer, StealthMass mailer, 1st Class Mailer and a dozen others and Send-Safe is hands down the BEST.

I just wanted to say that you guys are AWESOME!
This service is the best thing for sending bulk e-mail I've ever seen!
I will definitely be referring as many serious email marketers to you guys as I can. I just think you should know you are greatly appreciated by your customers. I don't know how you manage to do what you do, but I just hope you can keep it going for a long time. I hope by referring you more customers your business will grow stronger and I can feel secure that you will last as a business!

cheers, your software is the best.
I got 236 sign-ups at $30US a go!
Converted into aussie dollars at $13000 for two weeks work much better results than any other software I have used!


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