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Alan Ralsky

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Country: United States
State: Michigan
Convicted fraudster, spams using hijacked proxies & virus infected PCs and in the past by hijacking mail servers and mail accounts. One of the first people to host spam-websites in China to evade US law. Served years in prison due to stock-fraud spamming, but soon after being released, seemed to get right back into spamming.

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MEDIA: Behind the scenes, spam's even uglier [13 Dec 2002]

December 13, 2002

313-222-8861 or
Bloomfield Township spam artist Alan Ralsky is in the midst of yet another controversy, this time involving an anti-spam activist who says someone left him threatening telephone messages after he took photos of Ralsky's brand-new $740,000 house.

The activist, Rich Clark of Warren, said he's reported the threats -- which were left on his answering machine -- to police. He said it all started last weekend when he drove to Ralsky's neighborhood to snap some photos for an anti-spam Web site.

Clark said as he was taking his pictures from the street, someone left Ralsky's house, got into a black car and tried to block him from driving away. Clark said he maneuvered around the vehicle, but was followed.

The next day, the phone calls started.

"You don't know who the hell you were . . . with yesterday," began the first call. "You got the wrong guy. You don't even have the guy you think you do."

The caller then gave details about Clark's home, his driver's license number, even the bank his car was financed through.

A second call said: "I'm going to make your life so miserable you should watch every corner you go into, bro, every second."

The next day, there was still another message. "Just waiting for you," it said. "You haven't heard the beginning of what's going to happen to you yet. Keep your eyes open."

Clark provided me copies of the recordings. Are they from Ralsky? It was hard for me to tell. I asked Ralsky, and he said he knows nothing about it.

"Come on," said Ralsky, "That's ludicrous. I'm not that stupid."

He said he had no idea who was in the black car that Clark said left his driveway. "I don't have a black car," he said. "And I'm 57. I'm not about to go chasing anyone. But what was that guy doing taking pictures of my house for, anyway?"

Clark says he took the pictures to post on an anti-spam Web site (he hasn't decided which one). He now plans to add the audio files from the phone messages.

Warren police said Clark's report is on file, but there is no investigation in progress.

Ralsky, who is one of the biggest senders of unsolicited bulk e-mail in the world, says anti-spammers have been harassing him for the past year. Lately, said Ralsky, anti-spammers started flooding him by snail mail with coupons, brochures and ads. "I just toss them right into the wastebasket," he said. "It doesn't bother me."

There's no surefire way to eliminate unwanted e-mail. But if you're determined to learn all you can about the problem, one of the best resources I've found lately is on (

The site has a collection of articles and links to anti-spam news groups and Web sites. While the site's news links aren't as current as I'd like, as a one-source briefing it's pretty hard to beat.
The activist, Rich Clark, posted to NANAE that the print version of the article had more text, including:

Clark said as he was taking his pictures from the street, someone
left Ralsky's house, got into a black car and tried to block him from
driving away. Clark said he maneuvered around the vehicle but was

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