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Country: India
OMICS is a publisher of "open-access" journals (aka a "predatory publisher") that spams scraped, purchased or appended lists. It does this to solicit contributions to its journals and (by implication) fees and/subscriptions.

OMICS operates under a number of business names. It also uses a very large number of names for its journals. Most of these journal names closely resemble the name of a journal that is widely respected in the academic community.

These similarly-named journals have deceived a number of spam recipients into submitting work to what they believe is a respected academic journal.

OMICS SBL Listings History
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Main Information

OMICS Publising Group is an India-based multinational publisher of open-access journals, which are often called "predatory publishers". OMICS solicits contributions to its journals by spamming lists obtained from public sources, such as scraping websites of universities, hospitals, medical offices, research institutions, and academic and scientific confierences. OMICS might extract these email addresses directly, but more likely purchases lists from third parties, either spam list vendors or email appending services.

OMICS operates under a number of business names and has been active for many years. A list of those business names is located below. Be aware that new business names appear regularly.

OMICS is highly criticized in the academic world, and has faced multiple legal actions in the past few years. These actions have been aimed not at its spamming, however, but at other aspects of its business.

Main Business Information:

Main Business Name: OMICS Publishing Group
Founder/Director: Srinubabu Gedela (Personal Website:

Business Names/Aliases:

Austin Publishing Group
Open Access Publishing Group
Medtext Publications LLC
OPAST Publishing Group
Remedy Publishing Group
Somato Publications

Postal Addresses:

OMICS International Pvt Ltd
WIPRO IT/ITES SEZ Campus, Resapuvanipalem, Ramatalkies Road
Seethammadhara Rd, Visakhapatnam
Andhra Pradesh 530016

OMICS International
Traian Str., No.61
Constanta 900720, Romania

OMICS International
2360 Corporate Cir., #400
Henderson, NV 89074
United States

OMICS International
Heathrow Stockley Park Lakeside House
1 Furzeground Way
UB11 1BD, UK

Telephone Numbers:

0891-3356321 (India)
8712290488 (India)
888-843-1169 (USA Toll-Free)
+1-213-204-5002 (Los Angeles Metro Area, California, USA)
+1-650-618-1414 (San Francisco Bay area, California, USA)
+1-650-618-9889 (San Francisco Bay area, California, USA)
+44 2039664288 (United Kingdom)

Email addresses:


Predatory Publishing:

FTC Legal Action (2019):


Beall's List (independent report of potentially predatry publishers):

Predatory Reports (independent website reporting on all predatory publishers):

Scholarly Open Access (via (2013):

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