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Alan Ralsky

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Country: United States
State: Michigan
Convicted fraudster, spams using hijacked proxies & virus infected PCs and in the past by hijacking mail servers and mail accounts. One of the first people to host spam-websites in China to evade US law. Served years in prison due to stock-fraud spamming, but soon after being released, seemed to get right back into spamming.

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Usenet post: ''The Ralsky Witch Hunt''

Subject: Let's find Ralsky/McDonald/Telodigm/Bolouri
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 19:08:25 -0600
From: "Find Ralsky!" <>

Maybe I should name this thread "The Ralsky Witch Hunt"

I am the mail admin for an ISP in Idaho. I, like most of you on this list am tired of receiving SPAM from Alan Ralsky. Idaho has a law (HB505) that prohibits SPAM. My company opened a lawsuit against Alan Ralsky about two months ago. At the time, we believed that the spammers name was Lance McDonald (those of you familiar with this spammer will know why). As I traced the footsteps of Lance McDonald I was lead to this news group and to the name of Alan Ralsky. I have been following all the Ralsky postings on this group for the past month and have read all the older posting I could find. I have discovered that many of you have been following Ralsky's moves and SPAM for some time. I have logged all the information that I have been able to learn from this group including some addresses, phone numbers, businesses, and even a photo of Alan Ralsky (Thanks Shiksaa).

My attorneys have been paid and are ready to file suit against Alan Ralsky, but I need some additional information to go through with this all the way. I am testing a new law in a fairly new industry and I want to make sure I can remove Ralsky from mine and your frustrations for good. I need some concrete evidence about why Alan Ralsky is the name of the spammer we have all come to hate. I have followed most of the threads, but it is not clear how this group has come to the conclusion that Ralsky is the spammer (it could be that it was too long ago to find in my searches). Additionally, confirmed addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses (that work), business names, or anything else that will be helpful . I know some of you (Frederick, Woodpulp, Shiksaa and others) have been following this spammer for some time and have lots of information that could help my company in this lawsuit. Please help me find this spammer and bring legal action against him. I have setup an anonymous e-mail address to accept e-mails with information that you would prefer not to post to this group and to be able to respond directly to your e-mails.

Thank you for your assistance.

I have found some additional information that I forgot to post that some of you might like to know. About 3 weeks ago, I came across a post on this news group that talked about capturing a domain name of a spammer by registering the spammers bogus e-mail address that they used while registering and requesting a domain change. I promptly began searching the known Ralsky domains for an available e-mail address from these domains.

Lo and behold, I found one ... (,,, & I promptly registered the e-mail address with Hotmail and then contacted to request "my" account password. 3 days later I received "my" account password from on my new e-mail account. Unfortunately, Ralsky did not have any more domains registered under this account and no more registering credits available. FTHOI, I thought it would be fun to transfer the domains to another registrar and put up some sort of site about this famous spammer on one of his own domains. I started the transfer process, but found that I had to wait 30+ days to transfer a registered domain off the CORE registrar system. I waited and then re-submitted last week. The transfer had made it all the way to the point of approval or denial of owner and registrant. I approved, but Ralsky denied the action from the registrant side. Damn! But good news, the e-mail address that denied the transfer is a known Ralsky e-mail address and must be active for him to pick up on the transfers. is a valid e-mail address for Ralsky (at least for the time being). Enjoy! :-)

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