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Country: United States
State: IL
This operation signs up for hosting services which are then used by spammers, possibly with connections to Moroccan spam gangs. "Partner-in-spam" with Michael Persaud, RR Media, Yair Shalev and others.

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Most used boilerplate replies, aimed at dodging server termination

* We have reviewed this matter thoroughly and identified that it was one
of our subscribers which was responsible for causing the spam complaints.

We have initiated immediate action against this offending subscriber by
cancelling the associated subscription.

To ensure that this kind of issues doesn't happen again we have
implemented stringent steps by reviewing our subscription list and
informing the existing subscriber about this

We have also started work on installing firewalls and other anti-spam
applications on our server to ensure that this in not repeated again. In
light of all this, we apologize once again to the inconvenience caused.

* As one of our missions ,we contact our costumers via emails to help them
to manage their services, we are sending mails to our real clients.

we have a certain list of our clients that needs our regular advice for
their different kind of advisory related work as well as their tax
calculations. if someone doesn't like to receive our mails, he should
just unsubscribe from our newsletters, and so he is immediately deleted
from our data base.

but unfortunately some of them instead of choose the unsubscribe button
they easily report our emails as spams and this is out of our hands we
cannot control that recently we have been thought of creating new
strategies or maybe new ways to get this matter dispensary by time

As we have a list of our subscribers and just after getting back the
access to the server again , we will make a synchronization to our
database to remove this subscriber for good

* Please accept our sincere apologize for this whole misunderstanding , we
have get back to our logs and emails and everything in our works and we
could resume that server might infected with a malware that is being
used to send spam.

we could remove mailserver software and block port 25 using a software
firewall in order to avoid this kind of issues in the future ,but this
is not an option unfortunately, please get the server back and we will
do our best to secure it from our end by making some changes such as
reinstall Antivirus and Firewall
remove/block machine from network
remove vulnerable script from webserver
remove malicious user from network
reconfigure server to ignore NDRs to forged addresses/domains.

* In fact , we have already checked this matter few days ago and
discovered that the complaint was generated by one of our Opt-in
Newsletter subscribers. it has been already removed from our database
for good. also we were in middle of making a synchronization to make
sure that those kind of issues won't persist in the future. please
give turn on server for us in order to continue what we've started

* Thank you for bringing this to our attention , upon checking we could
resume that this issue was caused by one of our Opt-in Newsletter
subscribers, we have successfully deleted it from our database and
performed a synchronization to make sure that it completely removed so
there won't be any future communication between us.

* Sorry for the inconvenience caused
We do not spam. We sent informational email to existing client.
If they decide to report it as spam rather than unsubscribe (at the
bottom of the email)
is unfortunately not something we can control.
If you unblock the ips we will take those users out of our newsletter.

* sorry for this inconvenience, I think that we know where the problem
comes from,we have get back to our logs and emails and everything in our works and we could resume that server might infected with a malware that is being used to send please un-suspend the server and we promis you this will not happen again, we will do our best to secure it from our end.
We will be very happy to hear nice news from you.

The Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) collates information and evidence on entities with a history of spamming or providing spam services, and entities affiliated or otherwise connected with them, for the purpose of assisting ISP Abuse Desks and Law Enforcement Agencies.
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