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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Big Sky Services / Mark Wulff / Liana Dunlap

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Big Sky Services / Mark Wulff / Liana Dunlap Index

Country: United States of America
State: NV
A large operation to acquire IP addresses for spammers. Dozens of "hosting" companies that are merely shell corporations registered to PO Boxes, pumping out large volumes of spam.

Big Sky Services / Mark Wulff / Liana Dunlap SBL Listings History
Current SBL Listings
Archived SBL Listings

ASNs controlled by the Big Sky Services spam hosting gang

AS3502 - INTNET - Intelligence Network Online, Inc.
AS3904 - ASTHOUGHTPRT - ThoughtPort inc. (hijacked)
AS5784 - GETNET - Getnet International
AS7158 - NETFEED-AS - NetEx Online Services
AS11849 - ALTEC-IT - Altec IT
AS11931 - ZENITH- Zenith Networking
AS13537 - MEGACOLO - Mega Colocation, Inc.
AS13557 - NETIN -, Inc. Dallas Texas
AS13798 - BRIGHT - Brightfinity, LLC
AS14986 - ULTRAHOST - Ultra Hosting
AS18586 - DIVINEHOST - Divine Hosting Services
AS19710 - DINO-SOL - Dino Solutions, Inc.
AS21983 - AURORNET - Aurora Networking
AS23108 - QUANTACT - Quantact Hosting Solutions, Inc.
AS23312 - NAQUEIT - Naque IT
AS23450 - TRI-NET - Triumph Networking LLC
AS33532 - VOYAGETECHAS - Voyage Technologies
AS40446 - ODYSSEYNET-ASN - OdysseyNet, Inc.
AS46370 - GRANDWEB - Grand Web Solutions, Inc.
AS46635 - PRESTIGECONNECT - Prestige Connection Corporation
AS46931 - COUGARCOMM - Cougar Communications
AS53342 - ALL-NINE-HOSTING - All Nine Hosting, Inc.
AS53346 - ONE-WORLD-TELECOM - One World Telecom
AS53369 - EXTREMELINKCORP - extreme link Corporation
AS53440 - NETWD - Netwide Corporation
AS53464 - PARATECH - Paramount Technology
AS53723 - FAST2500 - Fast Lane Communications LLC
AS53812 - SPARR12 - Sparrowise Technology LLC
AS62519 - CERTIFIEDHOST-ASN - Certified Host, LLC
AS62703 - CONNECTIONET - Connectionet Solutions
AS63485 - PATRIOT-ASN - Patriot Web Solutions
AS393646 - PRIMELINK-ASN - Primelink Services LLC
AS394194 - OPTIMUMTIER - Optimum Tier, Inc.

Previously controlled ASNs

AS1433 - Royal Web Solutions
AS22240 - Powell Hosting
AS32490 - Avalanche Networks
AS46867 - Crystal Connections Corporation
AS53479 - Strata1 Link Corporation
AS62601 - Saturn Services LLC

ASNs allocated by LACNIC

AS52393 - Corporacin Dana S.A.
AS52449 - My Tech BZ
AS52485 -
AS263740 - Corporacion Laceibanetsociety
AS263744 - Udasha S.A.
AS263821 - Soluciones Favorables

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