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Country: United States of America
State: AZ
Spam organization that sends spam hawking its own spam address lists and spamming services. Spams from VPS servers at inexpensive providers, and according to recent reports also uses malware to infect control panel software and spam through hijacked IP addresses. Formerly an extremely high volume spammer that switched to distributed snowshoe spamming after many major carriers stopped selling unlimited bandwidth plans. Formerly made extensive use of free anonymous domains, later switched to using bulk throwaway domains.

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July 2016: WARNING to Small Businesses

EmailBlastUSA advertises in print and other media under many names, offering low-cost email marketing services to small businesses. EmailBlastUSA advertises in print media and by junk fax as well as by spammed emails.

when soliciting business, EmailBlastUSA insists that all of its email addresses are opt-in. This is NOT TRUE. EmailBlastUSA's list was originally scraped from various internet-based websites and forums with no attempt whatsoever to validate those email addresses or obtain permission for bulk email.

Companies who have been listed in the SBL because they hired EmailBlastUSA report that their service cost from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Companies who attempted to obtain a refund after being listed in the SBL for hiring a spammer have told us that EmailBlastUSA has refused refunds. Some report that EmailBlastUSA blames their "poor creatives" for causing SBL listings (!?).

In fact, EmailBlastUSA's poor quality lists, complete disregard for opt-in, and misrepresentation of the nature of its services to prospects and customers are the primary causes of SBL listings. The customers are responsible only for believing the claims that EmailBlastUSA makes and failing to research its reputation and track record before authorizing it to advertise for them.

Most recently, EmailBlastUSA has been soliciting business under the following name, business name, address and phone number.

David True / Jon Ellington
National Email Service, Inc.
9175 E. Shea Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85620

Phone: (888) 466-6157
Junk Fax Opt-Out:

Signing up for EmailBlastUSA's services (under any name) is handled as follows. After the customer responds to an EmailBlastUSA advertisement and signs up for service, they are sent a link to an internet chat.<x>

The link is tagged with codes that identify you -- each is different.

An EmailBlastUSA representative walks the customer through the process of starting a free account on any of several cloud computing services. (At present, it favors the 1and1 (Schlund) Cloud.) After the customer creates the account, he or she provides the root login and password to EmailBlastUSA.

The EmailBlastUSA technical representative then logs onto the account and installs the EmailBlastUSA software. During installation, he or she reates an account for the user so that the user can send email blasts. Upon request, the representative will also create a separate unsubscribe account.

Finally, after asking the customer what sorts of companies or people they want to advertise to, they add a list that they claim targets that demographic. The user is then able to send email, but not to see the targeted list.

Please do not fall for this company's sales pitch. You will spare yourself all sorts of reputation damage and wasted money.

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