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PredictLabs / Sphere Digital

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Country: United States of America
State: IL
This operation uses dozens of "hosting" companies as fronts to lease IP addresses which are then used to send spam. Based in Chicago, Illinois and Tangier, Morocco.

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Beware of Equinoxservers orders

I got an order last night for a dedi server from Equinoxservers - warren johnson. Spoke to the server company to place the order and they said they have a rap sheet on this company a mile long.

They are hitting resellers like crazy, they send out abusive and illegal emails and get banned quickly. They go thru ip's like crazy. They wont do business with them.

So just beware of this company. If you would like more details PM me and ill share them with you so you can place them on your blacklists.

Beware of

onair tele communications
proved media

Warren/Equinoxservers is a notorious spammer/scammer. We have received numerous orders from this guy in the past. Thank god for FraudRecord

Glad you found them. Ganna gave me a hard time and made lots of threats when I declined an IP order. Just watch their service for Spamming, I've seen places that they will start in the last ~week of a monthly service, leaving it fine the first 3 weeks, then BAM.

Just a heads up

PredictLabs (aka Ganna Sovgut) is part of a larger spamming network based in Marocco and operates under many names and pseudonyms. We have received many fraud orders over the last months that were affiliated to this guy in some way or another. Usually signs up for the cheapest server and requests a large IP block (that alone should ring a bell). Don't be fooled by this guy!

If he hasn't started spamming yet you are lucky. It is just a matter of time. My advise is to cancel their server and refund as soon as possible before your IP's get listed. If he places a chargeback it might hurt your rep with your payment processor.

Spammers often targets smaller companies and startups because they usually don't have as much experience and established fraud screening routines as the big boys. What makes them particularly difficult to spot is that many times the orders appear legit. They use fake (stolen) ID and place the order through a proxy so the country matches their IP. Many will even provide ID documents (again fake/stolen) upon request.

My advise is always do a lookup on FraudRecord before accepting dedicated server orders from ANY new client. It goes a long way.

Here you go, the guys below are also a part of this spam syndicate,,

I am sure there are more

Over the past year, both Ganna Sovgut (PredictLabs) and Warren Johnson (Equinox Servers), as well as a few other pseudonyms, are affiliated in the same spammer network. We received (and continue to receive) multiple attempts to order servers, all requesting low-end (but not the lowest) servers, no management, no control panel, but 5 dedicated IPs. When asked for IP justification the answer has been mechanically, "emails to opt-in clients". Phone calls to the provided numbers would go to voicemail and when asked why we wouldn't accept the orders and we replied that they are known for a poor reputation and spamming, that would end the conversation.

Just yesterday, they again tried to order. They seem to have a very short memory span and forget that any time an order comes in from West Virginia, New York, Chicago, or Florida (specifically those four locations) asking for a low-end Ded with 5 IPs, we immediately recall the last dozen or so times they've tried it.

If you do accept an order (as we did, before we determined they were in violation of our ToS), you will most likely find they have installed powermta on the server, which is well known for snow-drop spamming that varies sendouts through each of the different IPs. There's simply no reason for anyone to use such a tool and to need so many servers, unless they are in the business of burning through hosts one after another.

No amount of business is worth the potential risk you face by working with this type of customer. We were lucky enough to catch it before their activity got out of hand.

Prediclabs, Warren Johnson, Ganna Sovgut are all the same people.
They have both signed up for services from us and always asked for rdns for some really spammy looking things. Never got any abuse notices about them could be the fact that they didn't have rdns setup for them.

I guess I should just put this out here now since she is so well known. She has been fraudulently signing up with our provider for the past year and a half and I have accumulated a very large list of her aliases, these were all verified as her. I hope this helps everyone and lets keep on reporting her!

Milton Brown
Catrina Love
Warren Johnson
Matthew Garard
Olena Yemets
Gregory Hollimon
Darryyl Wofford
Derrick Waddell
Christian Tchamba
Youssef El Yakoubi
Salaheddine El yakoubi
Sherman Tyrone
Pedro Fuentes
Yvonne Blake
Brea Brown
ismail ouda
Kakanchi Lot
Patricia Purnell
Sherman Tyronne

Company names she uses:

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