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Country: United States of America
State: AZ
Spam organization that sends spam hawking its own spam address lists and spamming services. Spams from VPS servers at inexpensive providers, and according to recent reports also uses malware to infect control panel software and spam through hijacked IP addresses. Formerly an extremely high volume spammer that switched to distributed snowshoe spamming after many major carriers stopped selling unlimited bandwidth plans. Formerly made extensive use of free anonymous domains, later switched to using bulk throwaway domains.

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Main Information

EmailBlastUSA, aka many other names (most recently National Email Service, Cloudmail, Inc. and Email Leads Group Inc.), is a direct emailer and list seller. Most recently it has sent spam from dedicated IP ranges at Burstabit in Turkey, and from VPS servers at various providers of cheap VPS service with automated provisioning. A few VPS services have also reported that EmailBlastUSA was spamming through hijacked IPs at VPS services with insecure control panels.

In the past, EmailBlastUSA has used a number of providers to spam, including Verizon Wireless (Cellco) dynamic IP addresses, Sprint PCS dynamic IPs, other VPS hosting providers, and even Rackspace Mailgun, a legitimate, highly-automated ESP. Cloud hosting providers, ESPs and "Marketing Clouds" that allow automated signups and provide services without personal contact with senders should be aware that EmailBlastUSA might try to sign up for and use their services, as well.

Spams that EmailBlastUSA sends to advertise its own services often lack a website URL entirely, relying on a phone number for spam victims to contact the spammer. Spams that it sends on behalf of customers usually have a URL at a throwaway domain hosted through Cloudflare to hide their actual location. In the past EmailBlastUSA often hosted websites on a dynamic IP (usually at Verizon Wireless).

EmailBlasUSA makes heavy use of free and anonymizing services. Many of the domains that it uses to spam are obtained through the service, and are in the .CF, .GA, .ML, .TK, or other similar top-level domains that were originally assigned to specific countries but these days can be obtained and used by anybody.

EmailBlastUSA has recently used these names in spam, and to obtain service with ISPs, webhosting companies, and other services it needs to send spam, host spammed content, or be paid for spamming:

* David True
* Gary Davis
* Greg Newton
* Ike Njaka
* John (or Jon) Ellington
* Mike Bernhard

In the past, EmailBlastUSA often used one of the following names in its spam, names many of you might be familiar with:

* Albert Siciliano/Al Siciliano

When spamming for customers, it spams under the customer's name.

Patrick Thomas is listed as the CEO of EmailBlastUSA on his LinkedIn page. However, the domain lapsed last year, and was picked up by a domain speculator. More recently, the company name most commonly used by this spam operation has been Cloudmail, Inc. The domain most recently used by this entity is Both this business name and domain will likely prove as transitory as other domains used by this spam operation.

In early 2015 the address used in most domain registrations for their own domains (as opposed to customer domains) was the address of the Casas Adobes shopping mall in Tucson. The domain registration address provided in domains registered to Patrick Thomas does not specify a unit number, but the mall has a packaging and shipping store in unit #178 (Pakmail) that offers mailboxes for rent. Other indications that we have seen, however, point to the business actually being located in the greater New York City area.

EmailBlastUSA uses the phone numbers (800) 676-2011, (800) 841-5070 Ext 520, (480) 248-1705, and others both to spam and as contact information for customers and suppliers. It usually uses the title "National Account Manager" or "Prospect Specialist" in emails, with various business names, most commonly "Mass Marketing, Inc.". Spams for EmailBlastUSA's own services often do not have a URL.


David True
1334 E Chandler Blvd #5C03
Phoenix AZ 85048

Phone: +1.480.248-1705
Skype: massmarketing1


Patrick Thomas
7090 N Oracle
Tucson, AZ 85704

Phone: +1.5204987543
Email: <= Lapsed, taken by domain speculator <= Parked.


Albert Siciliano Sr.

National Account Manager
Mass Marketing Data Inc.
1334 E Chandler Blvd #5C03
Phoenix AZ 85048

Phone: +1.800.676-2011 ext. 520

Database Management Services Inc
3380 Americana Terrace Suite 390
Boise, ID 83706

Phone: +1.208.384-1311


URLs of Interest:


Cloudmail, Inc:

Patrick Thomas's LinkedIn Page:

Patrick Thomas
CEO at

Phoenix, Arizona Area
Management Consulting

West Point

Company Website:

Mass Marketing Data Facebook Page:

Short Description - Business & Consumer Databases for Sale
Phone - (800) 3304022
Website -

Google Search for "Albert Siciliano" and "(800) 676-2011":

---------- › AZ › Scottsdale
Email Blast USA - 7904 E Chaparral Rd, Scottsdale, AZ, 85250, Scottsdale, AZ. Tel: 800-330-4022
(There is also a UPS store at that address; UPS stores offer mailbox rental.)

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