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Hosting Response / Michael Boehm

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Country: United States of America
State: CA
Snowshoe spam organization that uses large numbers of inexpensive, automated VPS hosting IP addresses and domains in whatever TLD is currently cheapest to send high volumes of spam to extremely dirty, scraped lists. Operates under many business and individual names. Owner or manager of these companies seems to be Michael Boehm and Associates.

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Principal: Alexander L. ("Alex") Prompongsatorm

Our knowledge of Alex Prompongsatorm is limited to a fictitious business name statement (FBN) that he filed with the Los Angeles (California) County Clerk on 1 February 2013, listing two business names, and Google. The business names are Stark Media and Able Creative.

Stark Media has been actively spamming since 2013. Several characteristics connect it with Boehm and Associates, and we are convinced that it is part of the same spam operation. We have not yet seen Able Creative in spam operations, so it might be used for non-spam purposes.

The FBN contains the following information:

(Serial Number?:) 2013 022613
Filed: February 01, 2013

Name: Alex Prompongsatorm
Address: 4821 Lankershim Blvd, Ste. F101
City: North Hollywood
State: CA
ZIP Code: 91601



The following person(s) is(are) doing business as:

1) Stark Media
2) Able Creative

Street Address of Principle Place of Business:

4821 Lankershim Blvd, Ste. F101
North Hollywood, CA 91601 USA (/LA!)

Registered Owner(s):

Alex Prompongsatorm
[Apparent Personal Home Address Removed]
North Hollywood, CA 91601 USA

This Business is Conducted By (check one):
[X] An individual

I declare all information in this statement is true and correct.

Alex Prompongsatorm
Title: Designer

Googling Mr. Prompongsatorm's unusual name brought up one Alexander L. Prompongsatorm at the address in North Hollywood that is listed as his personal address. "Alexander L." Prompongsatorm also works as an independent creative designer in the Los Angeles area. Some links to his information:


Alex Prompongsatorm is linked to both Mike Boehm and Soheil Najjaran on LinkedIn.

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