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Shenzhen Hui New Software Co.

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Country: China
State: Guangdong
Chinese advertising agency, also known as 深圳市慧新软件有限责任公司, or just 慧新软件 and "", sending spam in english to addresses all over the world to promote chinese businesses. They use snowshoe techniques, using a variety of domains, and VPS'es mostly in USA or Europe as mail sources.

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record at "the most efficient mail service providers to bypass the major interceptor"

目标客户网站搜索 输入关键词,慧新会通过程序内置的主流搜索引擎搜索目标客户资料,主要包括客户的网站和邮件地址;软件自动拉取引擎上的数据,自动过滤重复并删除软件内置的黄页、B2B、新闻、政府等等网站 自动拉取网站邮箱 慧新软件弃用了传统的“爬虫”功能,利用引擎的高级搜素语法,可以自动进入目标客户网站,并自动提取网站上所有的联系邮箱地址,内置邮件正则法则和多重过滤功能,所获邮件地址有效性最高。慧新软件更可以根据客户提供的方法进行免费定制邮件提取规则,彰显客户个性,助客户高效精准的提取客户邮件地址 高效的邮件推广 慧新邮件发送系统内置各大主流免费邮箱的发送规则,避免客户本地IP地址被列入黑名单,最高效率的绕开各大邮件服务商的拦截,精准的将邮件发送到目标客户的收件箱里,一键式操作助您高效开发客户。大客户版本可以直接通过我们的邮件发送平台,更高效率的开发客户 高质量服务 付费客户我们将在1~7个工作日内为客户设计专业的客户搜索方案,通过Ukey加密后同步到客户计算机上,无需客户自己设计;邮件送系统内置各大主流邮件服务商得发送规则,无需客户自行设计即可进行高效的邮件推广,邮件发送系统后台更配备企业邮箱账号,日发送量高达10000

供应产品: 2条
注册时间: 2012-07-24
所 在 地: 广东 深圳
主营产品: 行业专用软件
联系电话: 18688838125


Translation using Google:

Shenzhen Hui New Software Co., Ltd.
Site Search Enter Keyword target customers, Hui new program will be built by the major search engines search target customer information, including the client's website and e-mail addresses; software automatically pulls data on the engine, automatic filtering and deleting duplicate software built Yellow Pages , B2B, news, government, and so the site automatically pulls website Email Hui new software abandoned the traditional "crawlers" feature, use the advanced search engine syntax elements that can automatically enter the target customer sites, and automatically extract all links on the site E-mail addresses, built-in e-mail canonical law and multiple filtering, e-mail addresses received the highest effectiveness. Hui new software can also be provided according to the method of extraction rules customers free customized message, highlight individual customers, help customers efficiently extract accurate and efficient mail client e-mail address to promote a new mail delivery system built-Hui sent the major mainstream free mailbox rule, avoid Customers local IP address is blacklisted, the most efficient mail service providers to bypass the major interceptor, accurate send mail to target customers inbox, one-button operation to help you efficiently develop customer. Version can be sent directly to large customers through our mail platform, more efficient development of high quality customer service our customers will pay 1 to 7 working days for customers to design professional customer search program, synchronized to the client computer after encryption by Ukey on, without the customer's own design; Mail delivery system built major mainstream service providers have to send the mail rules, no customers can design their own efficient mail marketing, mail delivery system is also equipped with corporate email accounts background, daily traffic volume of up to 10,000

Member Type:
Business model:
Products: 2
Registration time: 2012-07-24
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Main products: Industry-specific software
Tel: 18688838125

Tan Health
Shenzhen Hui New Software Co., Ltd.
Phone: 86-755-85282599
Cell phone: 18688838125
Fax: 86-755-85282599
Address: Longhua Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

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