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Country: Canada
State: Ontario
Offshore Bulletproof Hosting is his thing.

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Main Info

Registrant Name: Josh Nicholson
Registrant Organization: Jasha Inc.
Registrant Street: 48 Hughes Street
Registrant City: Saint Thomas
Registrant State/Province: Ontario
Registrant Postal Code: N5P 2Y9
Registrant Country: Canada
Registrant Phone: +1.5196333438
Registrant Email:


Bulletproof VPS will only shut your server off if you are hosting DOS attacks/Brute Force Attacks or Phishing. If you are running hosted DOS/brute Force attacks and are Phishing for people’s sensitive information expect your server to be turned off. This is your official notice of our terms. You buy at your own risk. It’s come to our attention that some users are putting up fake bank sites (Phishing) for the purpose of taking people’s bank accounts. You will be immediately turned off without any notice and banned. These types of things are just not tolerated and we reserve the right for termination just like any other host.

Again ONLY Phishing and Dos/Brute Force Attacks are strictly forbidden.

Your site and hosting is safe with us leaving your server with 100% up time.

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Established Since 2009
+1 519 633 3438

Key Contacts:
Josh Nicholson
Languages Spoken:
Physical Location
48 hughes street
London, ON, N5P 2Y9 Canada
GPS Coordinates:
-81.2461380, - 42.9793980
Online Presence


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