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The Register of Known Spam Operations

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Country: United States of America
State: Georgia - Michael Price runs a company selling harvested email lists. They "verify" that their addresses are deliverable by sending out fake "seminar invitations" or "health warnings". SBL Listings History
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Archived SBL Listings email harvesting, list selling, e-pending service

Headquartered in Atlanta, ListK is a leading technology company focused on building the best B2B email and lead generation technologies. With over 10 years of experience, we have built proprietary solutions that have helped some of the largest data companies and end-users harness the power of the email channel.

We are a portfolio company of CEO Ventures, Atlanta's premier incubator for technology and database driven solutions. Our deep and talented R&D organization and capital base make us a formidable force in our space.
Visit for more information.


Business Email Appends

Add fresh, deliverable B2B email addresses to you list by using our proprietary technology - not by matching to an existing, tired list of emails off the shelf.

Partner Data Licenses

For our distributor partners, we are open to licensing our emails for a low upfront cost plus a revenue share as you sell your lists to your clients.

Business Executive Lists

Our advanced data compilation methodology offers direct marketers truly unique business email list rentals.

Healthcare & Dr. Lists

Our accurate database of physicians, hospital administrators and other medical professionals is continuously appended and verified.


With NameDiscoverer™, you can now find new contacts at the companies you currently do business with or would like to do business with. Our proprietary algorithms search Websites, PR releases, Newswires and other public domain sites to identify, compile and verify new contacts with full name, title, company and email information. We only add true B2B email addresses - never consumer ones.

You give us a list of the companies and titles you would like to have in your database for prospecting, and we will deliver.

We differ from other data companies due to the fact that we use a technology solution to find new contacts with titles and email addresses by mining fresh, updated information off the internet. We verify that the information by appending a good deliverable email address to the new record. Once we confirm the email address, we guarantee a 94% + quality of the information.


Custom Targeted Email Lists
• CEO/President Email Lists
• CFO/Controller/Financial Email Lists
• CIO/CTO/Technology Email Lists
• Marketing Officer Email Lists
• Sales Officer Email Lists Email Lists
• HR/Human Resources Email Lists
• Training Director/Officer Email Lists
• Purchasing Director/Officer Email Lists


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