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Country: United States of America
State: NY
Brooklyn based spammers, use many fake names to sign up for spam domains and hosting. Company seems to be managed or owned by a Chaim Frankel.

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Complaints on Tech Support Forum: Recent Deluge of Spam

For the past month or so, I have had a daily deluge of junk e-mail. The webmail (Modus) provided by my ISP, blocks virtually all of these, but it’s a pain to browse through them to make sure a legitimate e-mail hasn’t been blocked. Yesterday was a good example – there were 118 such e-mails in my spam box, none of which was legitimate.

My browsing habits haven’t changed in the past year, yet this wasn’t happening until fairly recently. I have the well-respected “Vipre Internet Security Suite” that automatically updates its virus signatures almost daily (includes the modules: Active Protection, Email Protection, Firewall, Web Filter) and is set to perform a weekly deep scan, which usually finds one or two benign cookies and occasionally an actual potentially harmful malware.

Here is a breakdown of the 118 junk e-mails (time-stamped from 11:45PM/11-1-13 to 11:57PM/11-3-13 – an approximate 48-hour period):

1. [33] e-mails with Subject Line: “2 people secretly LIKE you, …” – [27] with domain @”” – [6] with domain @””

2. [25] e-mails with Subject Line: “you have 2 secret ADMIRERS, …” – [24] with domain @”” – [1] with domain @””

3. [15] e-mails with Subject Line: “you have 2 new FANS, find out …” – all with domain @””

4. [12] e-mails with Subject Line: “2 friends invited you to join …” – all with domain @””

5. [7] e-mails with Subject Line: “> FREE” – all with username “eHarmony.comPartner”@ and with varying domains

6. [4] e-mails with Subject Line: ““> FREE” – all with username “eHarmonyPartner”@ and with varying domains

7. [7] e-mails with Subject Line: “Save 76% in Smartlash” – [6] with domain @”” – [1] with domain @”

8. [5] e-mails with Subject Line: “Beautiful, Bold Lashes Are Waiting…” – all with domain @””

9. [3] e-mails with Subject Line: “Special Offer on Smartlash” – [2] with domain @”” – [1] with domain @”

10. [7] other miscellaneous e-mails with varying subject lines, usernames and domains (none of which is a repeat and none of which is the same as any of the usernames or domains described above)

Where, in lines 5 and 6 above, “” is my personal e-mail address.

Note: In lines 1 – 4 and 7 – 10 above, there are no username repeats within each of the domain groups described.

Summary of Spamming Domains – [31] examples – [27] examples – [21] examples – [20] examples
Other Domains – [19] examples

What I don’t totally grasp is who/what is generating these, how and why (other than the obvious) and how to stop them.

According to, the common denominator for these domain names is an individual whose e-mail address is listed as “garypearl122 AT” Does anyone have any suggestions or methods for countermeasures to stop this person/entity?

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