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The Register of Known Spam Operations
The Register of Known Spam Operations database is a depository of information and evidence on known persistent spam operations, assembled to assist service providers with customer vetting and the Infosec industry with Actor Attribution.
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100 Known Spam Operations responsible for 80% of your spam.

80% of spam received by Internet users in North America and Europe can be traced via aliases, addresses, redirects, locations of servers, domains and dns setups, to around 100 known spam operations listed in the ROKSO database.

For Law Enforcement Agencies Spamhaus provides a secure ROKSO LEA portal which gives access to classified records.
  The ROKSO List 07/19/2018
   Known Spam Operation Country
   Adgenics / Cabo Networks United States
   Aiming Invest s.r.o / "Alex Optik" United States
   Amoroso Corporation United States
   Asian Counterfeit Products Spam Gang China
   AtomPark Software, Inc. Russian Federation
   BadCow / mAiLIEN Russian Federation
   Big Sky Services United States
   Blaze Media Solutions United States
   Canadian Pharmacy Ukraine
   Century Infotech India
   Clench Media United States
   Communicado Ltd. United Kingdom
   Counterfeit products spam gang China
   Cyber World Internet Services/ e-Insites United States
   D&D MKTG, LLC / Elite Traffic, LLC United States
   Doublesplash, LLC United States
   EmailBlastUSA United States
   Emailmasivo Mexico
   e-trinity Internetmarketing Ltd. Germany
   EU Business Register / World Company Register Romania
   Frakture Interactive United States
   Gigalynx / Omni Cap Distribution Czech Republic
   Guangzhou-Seoul Information Technology Co., Ltd. (广州智尔信息科技有限公司) China
   iMedia Networks United States
   Iomega United States
   Kobeni Solutions United States
   L & C Affiliate Marketing Group United States
   Lead Research Group / Riip Digital, Inc. / Throughput, Inc. United States / Logpartner OÜ Estonia
   MailTrain United States
   Market Strong Media / United States
   Modern Vision United States
   Peter Severa / Peter Levashov Russian Federation
   PredictLabs United States
   ProspectDB / Forest Cassidy United States
   pur Japan
   Quality Training Mexico
   Red Shepherd Marketing United States
   RevUP Media, LLC United States
   Richpro Trade Inc. / Richvestor GmbH Germany
   River City Media / Acetech USA United States
   RR Media United States
   Ruslan Ibragimov / Russian Federation
   Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP) China
   Selling with Technology United States
   Shadow Tech / United States
   Slashtwentyfore / United States
   Suavemente/SplitInfinity/Innova Direct United States
   The Powerhouse Network United States
   The UK Data Company United Kingdom
   US Commerce Association United States
   USNameRegistrar domain registration spammers United States
   Viktor Ivashov / Bulletproof hosting provider Russian Federation
   Web Twister SEO - Government contract awards spammer United States
   Yambo Financials Ukraine
   ZYZTM Research Division Germany

57 Spam Operations as of 07/19/2018

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