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The Register of Known Spam Operations
The Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) database collates information and evidence on known persistent spam operations that have been terminated by a minimum of 3 Internet Service Providers for spam offenses.
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100 Known Spam Operations responsible for 80% of your spam.

80% of spam received by Internet users in North America and Europe can be traced via aliases, addresses, redirects, locations of servers, domains and dns setups, to a hard-core group of around 100 known spam operations, almost all of whom are listed in the ROKSO database.

Each spam operation, or "spam gang", consists on average of between 1 to 5 spammers (giving an etimated total of 300-400 spammers).

Many of these pretend to operate 'offshore' and hide behind anonymity. Some pretend to be small 'ISPs' themselves, claiming to their providers that the spam is being sent not by them but by non-existent 'customers'. When caught, almost all use the age old tactic of lying to each ISP long enough to buy a few days or weeks more of spamming and when terminated simply move on to the next ISP already set up and waiting.

Those on the ROKSO List are the persistent spammers you definitely do NOT want on your network.

ROKSO is a "3 Strikes" register. To be placed on the ROKSO list a spammer must first be terminated by a minimum of 3 ISPs for AUP violations. Once listed in ROKSO, IP addresses under the control of ROKSO-listed spammers are automatically and preemptively listed in the Spamhaus Block List (SBL).

For qualified Law Enforcement Agencies Spamhaus provides a secure portal, which gives access to classified records that contain information too sensitive to be published in the public ROKSO.
  The ROKSO List 10/24/2016
   Known Spam Operation Country
   Abdul Sattar Pakistan
   Adgenics / Cabo Networks United States
   Alan Ralsky United States
   Alex Blood / Alexander Mosh / AlekseyB / Alex Polyakov Ukraine
   Alex Prikhodko / Twinlinks / expo-MAX / InTrust Domains Canada
   Alvin Slocombe / Cyber World Internet Services United States
   Andreas Pohl Germany
   Arendame OÜ Estonia
   Asian Counterfeit Products Spam Gang China
   BadCow / mAiLIEN Russian Federation
   Big Sky Services United States
   Bill Waggoner United States
   Boris Mizhen United States
   Brendan Battles / IMG Online / World-Services United States
   Brian Kramer / Expedite Media Group United States
   Bülent Balyemez Turkey
   Canadian Pharmacy Ukraine
   Carlos Fabian Torre Brazil
   Century Infotech India
   Chad Sharpe / RevUP Media, LLC United States
   Chaim Frankel / L & C Affiliate Marketing Group United States
   Chen Yu (AKA Sprincy) China
   Chuck An / iomega United States
   Counterfeit products spam gang China
   Dan Abramovich United States
   Dante Jimenez / Aiming Invest United States
   Dan Traina United States
   Data Champions / Sloan Marketing India
   DataFye - Travis Cotilletta United States
   David Callender / The Powerhouse Network United States
   Davi Junior / Email-Master Brazil
   D&D MKTG, LLC / Elite Traffic, LLC United States
   EmailBlastUSA United States
   EU Business Register / World Company Register Romania
   Evgeny Medvednikov Russian Federation
   First Place SEO & financial fraud spam gang United States
   Flavio Vale - MKT Solutions Brazil
   Forest Cassidy - ProspectDB United States
   Fred Lusky and Scott Maslowe / Netbenders and Lakeshore Development United States
   Guangzhou-Seoul Information Technology Co., Ltd. (广州智尔信息科技有限公司) China
   Henry Perez United States
   Heuristic Knowledgebase Solutions India
   Hong Chen / YonHen Internet Marketing Center China
   Jagger Babuin / BHSI Canada
   Jeff Morgan / Telic Interactive / F.I.T.E.R. Data United States
   Jeffrey Peters United States
   Jonathan Kajomovitz United States
   Jon Boyer / slashtwentyfore / United States
   Josh Henderson or Nicholson - Canada
   Joshua Burch - Interactive Adult Solutions / United States
   Kelly McCartney / "US Commerce Association" United States
   Konstantin Oftin a/k/a Igori Saharov Russian Federation
   Lead Research Group / Riip Digital, Inc. / Throughput, Inc. United States
   Logo Website Designer / Developer spam gang India
   MailTrain United States
   Marc Barnum United States
   Mark Hobson / Doublesplash, LLC United States
   Matias F. Bernardi / TuVPS Argentina
   Matt Ferris / River City Media / Acetech USA United States
   Michael Boehm and Associates United States
   Michael Lindsay United States
   Michael Persaud United States
   Michael Price / United States
   Milton E Brown - PredictLabs / Equinox Servers United States
   MK Ärilahendused OÜ Estonia
   Modern Vision United States
   Nathan Pothier / Ryan Ashton / Frakture Interactive United States
   Nicolas Cantaro Argentina
   Nikhil Kumar Pragji / Dark-Mailer Australia
   Online Media Connect United States
   Patricia A. Berry-Czech / Selling with Technology United States
   Patrick Brennan - Amoroso Corporation United States
   Pavka / Artofit Russian Federation
   Peak Performance LLC United States
   Peter Greenwood United States
   Peter Severa / Peter Levashov Russian Federation
   Phil Sabin United Kingdom
   Promohouse / Custmarketing Austria
   pur Japan
   Quality Training Mexico
   Quick Cart Pro United States
   Red Shepherd Marketing United States
   Rove Digital Estonia
   RR Media / Kevin Bever / Brett Bever / Shea Mercado United States
   Ruslan Ibragimov / Russian Federation
   Ryan Gillies United States
   Sanan Sasha Phutrakul / Gigalynx / Omni Cap Distribution Czech Republic
   Sebastian Foss Germany
   Shenzhen Hui New Software Co. China
   Simon Najafy / Adinions LLC United States
   Sprintkey / Smart Hosting Solutions United States
   Streamdirect TV a/k/a "Adober" gang Canada
   Suavemente/SplitInfinity/Innova Direct United States
   The UK Data Company United Kingdom
   Timo Richert / Richpro Trade Inc. / Richvestor GmbH Germany
   Tippets, Mark & Chris / Techcom United States
   Toby Grundtner / Coastal Computer Solutions United States
   Tyler Lubbers / Clench Media United States
   USNameRegistrar domain registration spammers United States
   Viktor Ivashov - Bulletproof hosting provider Russian Federation
   Villafranca - Filipino spammmer Philippines
   Vincent Chan gang Hong Kong
   Visionamics / Citytwist United States
   Web Twister SEO - Government contract awards spammer United States
   Wilma Online Israel
   Yair Shalev / Kobeni Solutions United States
   Yambo Financials Ukraine
   Zander Oezzem / John Jeffries United States
   ZYZTM Research Division Germany

110 Spam Operations as of 10/24/2016

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