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French government provides spam lists 2017-05-30 UTC
The government of France provides lists of email addresses to French political candidates for them to use when sending campaign emails. Unfortunately these lists have many spamtrap addresses on them. Our spamtrap email addresses cannot have been legitimately subscribed to this list, and most assuredly do not belong to French voters. The presence of spamtraps is evidence that other addresses on... (>)

On the dubious merits of email verification services 2015-04-30 UTC
Email verification services help avoid undeliverable messages in situations such as point-of-sale transactional e-mail, but they do not verify the permission of the address owner, which is the most important step to avoid spam when acquiring addresses for bulk emailing lists, nor do they verify whether a transactional message is sent to the same person as the person making the transaction.... (>)

The DMA kicks spam up a notch 2013-10-27 UTC
Spamming is always bad, but it is just plain foolish to spam addresses at While Spamhaus SBL listings are based on much wider views of spam than our own mailboxes, our mailboxes can tell us what we should look for. So when over the weekend the U.S. Direct Marketing Association (DMA) decided to spam, it would have been wiser to leave Spamhaus... (>)

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