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Are you ready for the email authentication revolution?

Matthew Vernhout, NetCore Cloud's VP, Deliverability (ENSA), explains how new email authentication changes spearheaded by Yahoo and Gmail will impact your email strategy and what you can do to take proactive measures.

by Matt VernhoutDecember 19, 20234 minutes reading time

A paradigm shift is brewing in the inbox, spearheaded by Yahoo and Gmail’s stricter authentication mandates. While the news might have you scrambling for the DMARC button, we invite you to join Matthew Vernhout VP, Deliverability at Netcore Cloud, as he peels back the layers to help you understand what this shakeup truly means for your email fortunes.Think of email authentication as a digital passport verification for your messages, ensuring they’re not imposters masquerading as your brand. But unlike a passport whisking you off to any beach, authentication alone doesn’t guarantee inbox nirvana. It’s a crucial step but not a magic carpet ride to inbox paradise.

So, where’s the value in getting your emails verified?

  • Brand Protection: DMARC acts as your digital moat, shielding your domain from spoofing attempts. No more shady characters tarnishing your brand with phishing scams – your reputation remains sparkling clean.
  • Deliverability Boost: While not a guaranteed express lane to the inbox, authentication can improve your chances of landing in those coveted inboxes. Authentication adds a layer of validation to your emails, signifying that your brand approved the sending of these messages and signaling to mailbox providers that they should stop unapproved emails. This can both help or hurt your reputation, depending on your mailing practices.
  • Read the reports: By design, DMARC is ready to provide feedback to domain owners about the success of their authentication efforts or if they are being targeted for spoofing. Having a policy with no reporting or a bad reporting address is not going to help with your long term authentication efforts.

But what if you choose the “authentication-less” path?

  • Expect Bounces: Your emails might get delayed or rejected altogether, leaving recipients frustrated and your marketing efforts wallowing in the dirt.
  • Spam Folder Delivery: Even if they don’t bounce, they’re likely to get relegated to the spam folder, gathering dust and gathering crickets. Leaving your carefully crafted messages lost in the digital abyss.
  • Reputation Issues: Over time, a lack of authentication could chip away at your sender reputation, making it even harder to reach inboxes in the future. Think of it as building trust – without it, you’re stuck in email purgatory, forever knocking on closed doors.

Authentication isn’t a magic bullet or way out of the spam folder, but it’s the cornerstone of building a successful email strategy in today’s landscape. It’s like laying the foundation for a sturdy email house, ensuring your messages have a fighting chance of reaching their intended audience.

Remember these key takeaways:

  • Embrace DMARC, even if it’s just reporting at first. Think of it as dipping your toes in the verification pool and use the data to fix your authentication issues.
  • Keep your DKIM in sync with your “From” address – it is your email’s ID and signature, making sure everyone recognizes you.
  • Ensure proper SPF configuration on your envelop domain if your ESP supports this – relaxed alignment is fine.
  • Buying a new domain? Age the domain appropriately and then slowly warm up your new domain. Think of it as making friends with the email gatekeepers, building trust one email at a time.
  • Talk with your email partners, your ESP, or mail host, to help you properly configure your email marketing efforts and authentication. They will be the best place to start with your journey and likely have documented support processes in place already.

Don’t wait until February’s deadline to join the authentication revolution! By taking proactive steps now, you can ensure your emails land where they deserve and your brand thrives in the ever-evolving inbox landscape. Remember, in the email game, verification is your passport to success.

Let’s embark on this email authentication journey together and create a brighter inbox future; one verified email at a time!

Missed the live session? Catch the replay of our live conversation featuring experts Sri Chandran and Matthew Vernhout! It’s your chance to unlock even more insights and actionable steps to navigate this new chapter.