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More Domain Stats: The 10 Most Abused Registrars 2016-05-17 UTC
Filling in The Spamhaus Project's domain panorama in our "Top-10 Worst" pages, we have added a page for The 10 Most Abused Domain Registrars. It breaks out by registrar the ratio of bad domains versus total domains as seen by our systems in the course of a rolling two-week window. While other registrars have numerically more bad domains, that is a result of the sheer size of their domain corpus, and they have a lower ratio of bad to good domains. Those larger registrars take effective measures to prohibit spammers and remove bad domains from their services, and thus polish their own reputations. ... (>)

Spamhaus Presents: The World's Worst Top Level Domains 2016-02-25 UTC
The Spamhaus Project has added a new list to its Top-10 Worst pages, this time for Top Level Domains (TLDs). This domain data is designed to complement the recent additions to our IP address data announced in a previous news blog.... (>)

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