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We're thrilled to share our brand-new Spamhaus Project website with you! It was high time for an overhaul, but now we have a website that reflects who and what Spamhaus is today. The new site offers a wealth of education, support, and free data to the community covering topics such as IP and domain reputation, malware, DNS Blocklists, threat intelligence, service providers, and more.

by The Spamhaus TeamFebruary 29, 20246 minutes reading time

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The Internet has changed substantially over the past two to three decades. Unfortunately, Spamhaus Project’s website hasn’t. An overhaul was well overdue, and we’re delighted, no, in fact, we’re ecstatic to say it’s happened. This revised site will help us to further our mission of strengthening trust and safety across the Internet, speaking to a broad variety of users. We will highlight positive and malicious behavior and enable users to make better decisions while providing a two-way flow of free data between the community.

Time for change

Since 1998, Spamhaus has shared free intelligence relating to IPs, domains, and ASNs to make the Internet a safer, more accountable place. Being the trusted authority on IP and domain reputation is something we take very seriously. Our commitment extends beyond sharing intelligence; Spamhaus also offers a wealth of education and support to our community.

Having accumulated insights, best practices, thought leadership, and, let’s not forget, reputation data, it was time to expose all this goodness. Additionally, we wanted to better support the diverse needs of the community. Whether it's sharing the latest threats or providing assistance to individuals after being listed, security teams searching for threat intelligence, or senders looking for best practices, each audience has a very different use case that the new site aims to address. Ultimately we wanted a website that reflects who and what Spamhaus is today!

Yes, we've been listening to your feedback. We've been building. And now, it's time to reveal the new Spamhaus Project website. First up are the reputation statistics!

Reputation statistics

Spamhaus researchers analyze over 45 billion signals daily, leveraging a global network of sensors and third-party data to scrutinize internet identifiers for potential malicious activity. Until recently, reputation statistics were limited to a snapshot of the top 10 worst offending countries, etc.

The scope has now vastly increased to five core areas:

  • Countries,
  • Country code top-level domains (ccTLDs)
  • General top-level domains (gTLDs)
  • Networks
  • Registrars

Each area shares relevant data on malicious behavior, including botnet C&Cs, exploited devices, spam, phishing and malware. Furthermore, statistics are no longer limited to the top 10, providing a more comprehensive view of all traffic Spamhaus observes.

Additionally, you'll now find monthly malware trends utilizing data from's open platforms, with overviews of malware campaigns and insights into malware distribution sites, samples, indicators of compromise (IOCs) & YARA rules.

A vast amount of reputation analysis is available to help everyone understand what type of abuse is happening where, and enable them to make better decisions when choosing providers.

We encourage registries to use the statistics and check if their TLDs are listed and in what areas. By proactively leveraging reputation statistics, registries can tackle abuse head-on. Likewise, networks and ISPs - this is a clear barometer of the type of abuse we are seeing on your network.

For those purchasing a domain and hosting a website, consider the neighborhood you are setting up in. IPs and domains are brand assets that need to be protected. Spamhaus' reputation statistics can help identify reputable registrars and networks so you can make informed decisions.

These statistics are for everyone; for those who want to change for the better and to hold those who don't accountable - learn more in the reputation statistics area.

In the news

At Spamhaus, we believe that sharing is caring. By coming together and sharing intelligence, knowledge, and experience, the community has the power and means to combat abuse on the Internet. Our live news feed brings together a timeline of threat intelligence, research, thought leadership, reports, and more from a community of highly skilled threat hunters, reverse malware engineers, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) research specialists, and partners around the globe.

Visit the newsfeed. You can also follow us on Mastodon, X, and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest insights.

Strengthening trust and safety through education and support

The Project’s website is a rich repository of resources covering IP and domain reputation, malware, DNS Blocklists, threat intelligence, service providers, and more. For those facing deliverability challenges, it is a hub of best practices and guidance from industry leaders.

But that's not all. Hand in hand with education comes support.

For those companies and organizations encountering difficulties tackling abuse on their networks, Spamhaus has a dedicated Industry Liaison. Not to mention Spamhaus' experienced ticketing team available through, who often go to great lengths to provide assistance.

Find the latest news insights, blogs, and best practices on the Resource hub.

Free data for all

Sharing intelligence was at the heart of why Spamhaus was conceived, as Steve Linford, our founder, got frustrated with the amount of spam he was receiving. Historically, we have provided free IP and domain DNS Blocklists (DNSBLs) through servers located throughout the world. These are still available to users today. However, we recommend that DNSBL users move to the free Data Query Service, provided on our behalf by Spamhaus Technology, which is a much-improved service.

Utilizing our relationship with Spamhaus Technology enables users to also access a multitude of different delivery mechanisms for our data making it available for use across multiple areas, including investigations and DNS protection.

Share intelligence, effect change

In October 2023, Spamhaus launched its Threat Intel Community portal, opening the doors for anyone to submit malicious domains, IPs, raw email source code, or URLs.

Since its inception, the response has been nothing short of overwhelming. With thousands of submissions pouring in daily, the portal recently reached a remarkable milestone: one million submissions! Believe us when we say every contribution counts. Whether they come from occasional contributors or organizations sharing large volumes of data via API, the diversity of submissions adds to the strength of the community.

Interested in becoming a contributor? Find out more here.

Thank you once, thank you twice, thank you thrice!

We want to say a huge “thank you”. Firstly, to those who generously shared their feedback throughout this journey. Secondly, Spamhaus team members who devoted countless hours to bring this new website to fruition. And lastly, but certainly not least, to our incredible community, for your unwavering support over the past 26 years.

That's enough from us! Explore the new website, share your feedback, and if you encounter any issues, please contact us via X, Mastodon or LinkedIn.