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New IPv6 CIDR searching tools released: grepcidrs

2014-06-20 01:02:29 UTC   |   by Barry Branagh   |  
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Moving into IPv6 presents many, many challenges. Among the myriad tasks which are required in that transition, many IT admins and techs will find the need to search and filter IPv4 and IPv6 addresses matching CIDR patterns in data related to both those IP addressing systems. The standard tool for many admins to do that in IPv4 has been 'grepcidr' by Jem Berkes. With sponsorship from Spamhaus to develop the tool for IPv6, Jem has recently released grepcidr 2.0. Please join us in enjoying this fine new tool, and in thanking Jem for another contribution to the world.

Choices are generally a good thing, so there's a choice in grepcidr tools! John Levine has written and published grepcidr-2 to support IPv6. John notes that it is mostly compatible and has been tuned for speed. It's a code fork, just to be aware.

Pick your poison and enjoy!

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New IPv6 CIDR searching tools released: grepcidrs

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