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Corporate Information
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Corporate Information
The Spamhaus Project ("Spamhaus") is a private non-profit company with its base in Geneva, Switzerland and Registered Office in London, United Kingdom.

For full information about Spamhaus, who we are and what we do, please see: About Spamhaus

Organisation Address
The Spamhaus Project
18 Avenue Louis Casai
CH-1209 Geneva
The Spamhaus Project
26 York Street
London W1U 6PZ
United Kingdom

Caution: Do not send urgent documents to Spamhaus by post. Postal mail is held for weekly forwarding to the relevant Spamhaus team or person which is usually in a different country and therefore can take weeks to reach the intended team or person. Email is the sure and fastest way to communicate with Spamhaus (see Contacts for our email address).

The Spamhaus Project does not publish a telephone number. It is not possible to communicate with Spamhaus by telephone. The Spamhaus teams are located in many countries and different timezones, therefore email is the preferred method of contact.

Company Status
The Spamhaus Project Ltd is a private non-profit company limited by guarantee. Registered in London, UK, Company No. 05303831.

As a non-profit organization, the company has no shareholders. All services provided by The Spamhaus Project Ltd are provided free of charge to the public. The Spamhaus Project Ltd does not have any commercial activity or conduct any business of any kind, does not sell any service or product, and does not enter into commercial contracts of any kind.

As a non-profit organization, the company has a UK Government exemption from using the suffix "Limited" or "Ltd" after the name and may use either "The Spamhaus Project" or "The Spamhaus Project Ltd.", both being valid.

Chief Executive Officer: Steve Linford

Information relating to other Spamhaus executives is kept confidential for security reasons. Further information is supplied to qualified government agencies on a need-to-know basis.

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