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US Feds arrest and book ROKSO spammer Alan Ralsky

by The Spamhaus TeamJanuary 11, 20082 minutes reading time

As reported by the Detroit Free Press on January 9, 2008, spammer Alan Ralsky of West Bloomfield, Michigan was brought into U.S. District Court in Detroit in handcuffs, escorted by FBI and US Postal Inspection Service agents who met him at the Detroit Metro Airport upon his return from Germany.

Spamhaus was pleased to report on the January 3rd, 2008, Federal Indictment of Ralsky and 10 others in his spam gang.

Known as the "Spam King" and "one of the most hated people on the Internet" Ralsky is no stranger to being arrested, appearing in court, or serving time in prison. In fact, his criminal activity dates back for over a decade. Spamhaus has documented some of this:

LEGAL: Troubles in Illinois
LEGAL: Troubles in Michigan
LEGAL: Troubles in Ohio
LEGAL: Troubles USA vs RALSKY - Felony Bank Fraud (1995)
LEGAL: ''VERIZON Inc., Plaintiff, v. ALAN RALSKY, ET AL., Defendants''

Ralsky was also listed in "The 10 Worst ROKSO Spammers" list for many years until larger Russian and Chinese based spam gangs took over the top positions.

This should begin the final chapter for Ralsky - who started spamming internet users in 1997. The world had hoped this would have occurred soon after the 2005 FBI raid on his home, but it seems this only lead to a larger investigation which brought in more suspects and more federal law enforcement.

Based on the number and types of charges detailed in the indictment, even though US Federal judge R. Steven Whalen released Ralsky on an "unsecured bond" (A penalty to be paid if one fails to show up "as ordered" - it does not require the filing or deposit of assets which would "secure" compliance) he should be too busy trying to prepare a case to keep him, at 63 years old, out of federal prison for the remainder of his life. One can predict attempts at plea bargains where he may turn in evidence on the criminal activities of his many clients and associates. This is something that will surely put a chill into the western underground cybercrime & spamming communities.

As one would expect, Ralsky, through his attorney, entered a "not guilty" plea.