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As demand for Spamhaus services has increased over the years, Spamhaus has met requirements by forming strategic partnerships with companies able to fulfil tasks which the Spamhaus Project, as a nonprofit spam fighting organization, has no commercial interest in handling itself. These strategic partnerships have allowed the Spamhaus Project to meet the high demand for its data while freeing its resources to focus solely on what the Spamhaus Project does best; fighting spam and developing anti-spam technologies.

Areas where Spamhaus utilizes strategic partnerships include the provision of Spamhaus data to the internet industry and the deployment/maintenance of critical infrastrucure used to serve Spamhaus data to the public. Our Strategic Partners include:

Spamhaus Logistics Corporation is a logistics & holdings company dedicated to provisioning and maintaining global server infrastructure for the Spamhaus DNSBL service.

Spamhaus Technology Ltd is a data delivery company specialising in managing data distribution and synchronization services for large scale spam filter systems.

Spamhaus Technology Ltd provides commercial distribution services for the technologies developed by the Spamhaus Project, such as the Spamhaus Datafeed. These are resource-intensive services for which there is high demand but which the Spamhaus Project, as a nonprofit organization focused on fighting spam, has no commercial interest in handling itself.

Strategic partner firms are wholly independent separate legal entities. No strategic partner firm has any authority to obligate or bind The Spamhaus Project or any other strategic partner firm vis-à-vis third parties, nor does The Spamhaus Project have any such authority to obligate or bind any strategic partner firm. The Spamhaus Project does not provide any commercial services, does not enter into commercial contracts, and does not receive or derive any income from its strategic partners or their commercial activities.
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