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How Blocklists Work
Legal Questions
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2019-05-11 Report Popular Myths About Spamhaus
2018-06-25 Legal TRO Answer: e360Insight vs. The Spamhaus Project
2017-05-20 Report Fraudulent DNSBL uncovered: Protected Sky (
2017-05-08 Legal Case Answer: e360Insight vs. The Spamhaus Project
2016-05-19 Legal Case Dismissed: Ames & McGee v The Spamhaus Project
2015-06-15 Legal EMarketersAmerica v The Spamhaus Project
2011-06-06 Policy Spamhaus IPv6 Blocklists Strategy Statement
2009-12-10 Report Fake DNSBL uncovered:
2007-06-21 Report Report on the criminal 'Rock Phish' domains registered at
2004-01-20 Report DDoS and Virus Attacks on Spamhaus
2003-12-01 Policy Spamhaus Position on CAN-SPAM Act of 2003
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