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Block 99.4% of spam using only Spamhaus’s blocklists and SpamAssassin 2019-03-22 UTC
In Virus Bulletin’s 2019-03 VBSpam Test, Spamhaus’s data blocked 99.43% of spam with 0.02% false positives. That’s pretty impressive, but what’s changed between Dec 2018 and Mar 2019 to send Spamhaus’s block lists so high up the leader board?... (>)

How to Halt the Hijackers 2019-03-06 UTC
If you’ve read Network hijacking - the low down, you’ll be fully versed in the varied ways cybercriminals can hijack your network. In this article, we’ll be explaining how to protect against this happening to you, along with a high-level overview as to what you can do if your Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are hijacked.... (>)

Fighting abuse at the edge 2018-04-09 UTC
Take a look at org charts, international standards, conferences and forums…you will observe there are two tribes; one for the ‘network’ the other for ‘applications’. It’s a distinction that’s embedded in Information Technology with the Network Layer ‘below’ all applications with a dedicated team dealing with connectivity, routers, upstreams and peering, all quite independently from the nature of the data that is flowing. Another team deals with ‘applications’; email, web services, etc., that do their job without having to consider the underlying aspects related to networking.... (>)

Did anyone recently notice that the Spamhaus XBL just got really big? 2017-12-19 UTC
Over the past three weeks, some of our users have noticed that the XBL (CBL) database has grown substantially in size. There are two major reasons for this. 1) Increase from the Internet of Things (IoT) 2) Increase From Andromeda botnet takedown... (>)

Botnet Controllers in the Cloud 2017-04-25 UTC
Cloud computing is popular these days. Millions of users consume computing power out of the cloud every day. Cloud computing comes with several advantages over traditional server hosting, such as scalability and quick deployment of new resources. As of January 2017, several large botnet operators appear to have discovered the benefits of cloud computing as well, and have started to... (>)

A Survival Guide for the Small Mail Server 2015-03-19 UTC
Nowadays many companies and organizations (non-profits, units of governmental and educational institutions, etc) believe that running their own mail servers has become an impossible task, due both to the large amount of inbound spam and to the continuous attempts by spammers to send outbound spam through their mail servers. Companies often lack in-house technical resources to configure and... (>)

Stop spammers from exploiting your webserver! 2014-12-15 UTC
For many years, speaking of "botnet spam" mainly meant speaking about compromised Windows systems. However, in the last few years this assumption is no longer entirely true. Looking at the number of distinct sources, the vast majority of emitters are still about the same as before, but looking at volumes we see that a large part of email spam now comes from abused Linux/Unix systems. Part of... (>)

The return of the open relays 2013-12-02 UTC
1997-2003: THE OPEN RELAY ERA Around 1997, a company named Cyber Promotions (a/k/a Cyberpromo) was the first to start spamming Internet users on a massive scale. Cyberpromo first did this from their own mail servers, relying on... (>)

Spam through compromised passwords: can it be stopped? 2012-05-09 UTC
Any account on a legitimate mail server is a valuable resource to a spammer or cybercriminal because it gives access to a server that is unlikely to be blocked from sending email. A spammer can use an account on a legitimate mail server to spam, and reach many more people than if he sent email from an IP that does not host a legitimate mail server. A cybercriminal can use an account on a... (>)

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