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Spamhaus launches CERT Insight Portal

2014-04-08 13:35:32 UTC, by Thomas Morrison
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Today, The Spamhaus Project is both happy and proud to announce the official launch of the Spamhaus CERT Insight Portal. The aim of the new web portal is to help Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRTs) with a national or regional responsibility to protect their critical infrastructure and IP address space from cyberthreats.

Spamhaus CERT Insight Portal

The CERT Insight Portal, which is available for free, provides information about malware infected computers (bots) within a CERT/CSIRT area of responsibility — the specific country or region that the CERT or CSIRT is responsible for. This data set is sourced from the Spamhaus XBL. In addition, the portal contains a notification system for any new SBL and Botnet C&C listings within a CERT/CSIRT area of responsibility.

Last year, Spamhaus opened the CERT Insight Portal to beta users, and it has already been a big success. More than 30 CERTs with a national responsibility are now receiving near-real-time feeds from Spamhaus, helping them to remediate infections in their country and take action against new Botnet Command & Control servers (C&Cs).

CERTs and CSIRTs with national or regional responsibility can request access to the CERT Insight Portal by contacting the Spamhaus CERT Outreach team at:

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Spamhaus launches CERT Insight Portal

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