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ISP PBL Account - New Look!

2009-05-19 17:51:00 UTC, by the Spamhaus PBL Team

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Last month we mentioned upcoming changes to ISP's PBL Account pages. We're pleased to announce that the first phase of those improvements is now up and running. While not visible to the public, an ISP logging in to their PBL Account will immediately see the upgrades.

The new ISP PBL Account pages:

  • Are designed to make it easier for ISPs to make accurate PBL Zone listings
  • Make it easier for the ISP to see which Master Ranges its PBL Account controls - and what parts of those masters are actually listed in the PBL Zone
  • Provide more overall information and control about all the PBL activities in the ISP's Master Ranges. For example, ISPs may now view and control specific single-IP exclusions made by end-users within the ISP's Master Ranges as well as summary data of how many exclusions in each of their PBL Zone listings.
  • Have better options for the ISP's to set and control the policies they attach to PBL listings.

This new ISP interface will be expanded further in the next phase of development. In the next phase, we plan to display the botnet density charts and specific spam-bot IP information to each ISP for their respective Master Ranges, as illustrated in our last blog, PBL Update and Comparisons - April 2009.

For more information about PBL and ISP PBL Accounts, see the PBL FAQ.

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ISP PBL Account - New Look!

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