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The Domain Block List (DBL)

The Spamhaus DBL is a realtime database of domains with low reputations. Mail server software capable of scanning email message body contents for URIs can use the DBL to identify, classify or reject spam containing DBL-listed domains.

The DBL is queriable in realtime by mail systems thoughout the Internet, allowing mail server administrators to identify, tag or block incoming email containing domains which Spamhaus deems to be involved in the sending, hosting or origination of Unsolicited Bulk Email (aka "Spam"). The DBL database is maintained by a dedicated team of specialists working with an automated system that constantly analyses a large portion of the world's email flow and the domains used in spam emails.

The DBL is both a domain URI Blocklist and RHSBL. It is intended primarily for message body URI checks but it can additionally be used for connection checks at the SMTP level and header domain checks (HELO, connecting IP rDNS domain, From & Reply-To domains, Message-ID domain) and other checks involving domains.

The DBL is managed as a near zero false positive list, safe to use by production mail systems to reject emails that are flagged by it. The DBL includes URIs (domains/hostnames) which are used in spam including phishing, fraud/"419" or domains sending or hosting malware/viruses.

Simillar to the Spamhaus PBL, the DBL has a monitored automated self-service removal system.

Mail server administrators and spam filter developers should check the DBL FAQs for usage information.
The DBL lists ONLY domains. Do not query the DBL for IP addresses.

DNSBL Usage Terms
Use of Spamhaus's free public DNSBL service is restricted to low-volume non-commercial users only. To make sure you qualify for free use, please see the terms:
DNSBL usage terms

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