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2600:3c02::f03c:92ff:fe92:3fc7 is listed in the Spamhaus CSS

Why was this IP listed?

CSS lists both IPv4 addresses (/32) and IPv6 addresses (/64). CSS listings are influenced by:

  • Email showing indications of unsolicited nature;
  • Having poor list-hygiene;
  • Sending out bad email due to a compromise, insecure installation or misconfigured server;
  • Other indicators of low reputation or abuse.

CSS listings are based on a wide range of inputs and are always the result of multiple events and heuristics.

What should be done about it?

CSS and IPv6:

  • CSS lists /64 subnets (or larger) of IPv6 addresses as dictated by industry standard.
  • The industry standard for the smallest IPv6 allocation to individual customers, even for home-uses like cable, DSL or wireless is a /64.
  • Some providers choose to not follow the industry standard, and allocate smaller subnets.
  • This allocation practice can result in IPv6 IPs being listed in CSS because of neighboring IPs that share the same /64 - contrary to industry standard.

NOTE: If your allocation is smaller than /64, we cannot remove it from CSS, and the situation needs to be corrected with the provider prior to requesting removal. For more information about IPv6, IP allocation, and industry standards, please see our FAQ.

Removal from CSS

If the problem on 2600:3c02::f03c:92ff:fe92:3fc7 has been addressed, you can start the delisting process.