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The Register of Known Spam Operations
Valentin Mikhaylin
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Country: Russian Federation
State: Kaluga Oblast
Since 1999, Valentin Mikhaylin spams to send email appeals across the Internet, where he asks for help (goods, money) to be sent to his home in Kaluga.

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IPs formerly on the SBL ISP SBL Reference Removed SBL100440 05-Dec 2013 SBL83644 30-Nov 2013 SBL69832 16-Oct 2013 SBL70063 15-Oct 2013 SBL70064 18-Feb 2009 SBL70630 22-Dec 2008 SBL69833 11-Dec 2008 SBL49172 24-Nov 2008 SBL49631 24-Nov 2008 SBL62403 24-Nov 2008 SBL62402 24-Nov 2008 SBL48383 24-Nov 2008 SBL35645 24-Nov 2008
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