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Mark Hanson - The Credit Repair Spammer

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Country: United States
State: California
Spams credit repair schemes

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Received: from [] (HELO by (CommuniGate Pro SMTP 4.2.1) with SMTP id 14461290 for; Thu, 30 Nov 2006 10:21:22 +0000
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Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 02:08:24 -0900
Reply-To: "Michael Matson 12blessed" <>
From: "Michael Matson 61blessed" <>
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Subject: Credit deceptions exposed - get my mini course - 17tks06
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My name is Michael Matson and I wanted to connect with you briefly because
I am offering a new eBook all about credit, credit repair, the credit
reporting agencies, and how to transform your credit profile by applying a
few simple concepts which I will be sharing with subscribers.

In order to help my launch my new eBook, I will be giving away some very
powerful bonus items at no cost.

Check it out:

There is absolutely zero risk, and it's filled with powerful techniques to
make your credit profile sparkle.

Again here is the link:

Feel free to share this with a friend but send it today, because I'm not
sure how long I am going to keep the price so low!

Thanks for allowing me to share this with you and I'll see you on the other

Take care,
Michael Matson

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information at that is unwanted.
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mailings please submit a REM0VE ME:

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