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The Top 10 Worst

The World's Worst Botnet ISPs

ISPs in this chart have the highest number of detected spam-bots as listed in the Spamhaus XBL zone. Most bots can be used for spam, phishing, click-fraud, DDoS and other malicious activities.

Many issues may relate to a country's bot density including technical, policy and socioeconomic factors.

Additional and more detailed statistics can be found at the Spamhaus CBL website:

CBL breakdown by Domain

CBL breakdown by Domain Traffic

CBL breakdown by Domain Infections

Source: Spamhaus (XBL) database. Data is compiled automatically every 24 hours from the XBL database using the number of currently listed bots for each network (ISP/NSP).
The 10 Worst Botnet ISPs
As of 18 August 2017 the world's worst botnet infected ISPs are:
1 Number of Bots: 1410345

2 Number of Bots: 549354

3 Number of Bots: 428663

4 Number of Bots: 423805

5 Number of Bots: 219297

6 Number of Bots: 201957

7 Number of Bots: 191640

8 Number of Bots: 135180

9 Number of Bots: 127960

10 Number of Bots: 109138

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