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Selling with Technology

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Country: United States of America
State: Nebraska
Spams to advertise software and services for the insurance industry. Has moved from open proxies to botnets to snowshoe spam over the years. Businesses have addresses in Texas, Alabama, Nebraska, may be in Nevada at this time. Company owner or manager is a Patricia A. Berry-Czech.

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Spammer's come-on to lure others to her spam service

Summary of Media Kit of Proven Results

* About Ultimate Insurance Resource
* Our Services
* Demographics of UIR Exclusive Email Database
* Our Performance and Knowledge
* From Our Clients
* UIR vs. Competition
* Packages, Pricing and Options
* Our Policies

Benefit to Our Advertisers

We offer you an affordable targeted advertising solution that produces immediate responses, immediate and measurable results.

We will generate you a significant return on your investment.

The bottom line is  your message will be seen and you will get amazing results.

Outsmart your competition. Pay less and get more!

About Ultimate Insurance Resource

Since 1985, our total business focus has been helping the clients like yours implement an eAdvertising and sales system that results in massive sales revenues.

We have devoted many years of research and time in mastering a perfect, systematic approach to growing your business to increase profits and reduce costs.

We provide you with an effective, cost efficient means to generate a consistent flow of new business. Our goal is to increase your profits and reduce your cost.

We have attached a winning proposal, which will outline the steps for your eAdvertise Broadcasting. The bottom line is we do all the work and you do what you do best sell!

Sincerely yours,

The Ultimate Insurance Resource Team

Our Service

Ultimate Insurance Resource (UIR) is the foremost provider of advertising industry products and solutions that keeps the producers, agents and other industry professionals current on significant, cutting-edge products and services.

We have the oldest and largest email list in the industry. In addition, we use the most current technologies to make sure your eAdvertising gets results!

Ultimate Insurance Resource (UIR) provides top quality services that reach beyond any other advertising method.

* Quality List - Daily email list maintenance and upgrades
* Expert Insight - Marketing consultations for design and sales
* Effective Messages - Designed for results based on current trends
* Email Deliverability  Utilizing top technologies and relationships with the Internet Service Providers
* Daily Success Monitoring - Internal monitoring of your leads and client satisfaction
* Enhanced Web Form Design - Improving sales conversion and data collection
* Real-time Prospects - Delivered to you and your staffs email box in real-time
* Real-time auto response  Your prospect get an email from you while they are still at the computer. Less email/telephone tag.
* Personalized Thank You Web Page - So when prospects complete the form, the next thing they see is a Thank You webpage from you, inviting them to call or go to another webpage.

Additional Value-Added

* Marketing Consultation with over 20 years experience in the industry
* Able to utilize your internal email list
* Full compliance with all current Spam Laws
* And a staff thats main goal is to make every email campaign for you a success!

Let us use our knowledge to make your company the leading provider of your products and services.

Additional Benefits

We offer Marketing Solutions  that Generates Immediate Results!

Your eAdvertise broadcasting will produce higher Response Rates.

We offer the lowest prices, most extensive list, and highest deliverability rates in the industry!

eAdvertise Broadcasting explodes your profits by 50%.

eAdvertise auto responder will contact your sales leads while they are still at their computer.

Our goal is to increase your profits and reduce your costs
with our unique advertising technology!

Every company has unique marketing objectives and challenges.

Do you need personalized advice on getting the most out of your email campaign
 we are here to help! Just ask!

2007/2008 Demographic Overview

Our Current List Size is over 639,317 as of Monday, September 08, 2008.

Who Are Our Members?
· 1% direct writers
· 19% wholesalers, managing general agencies, managing general underwriters, etc
· 3% insurance company professionals
· 43% property/casualty insurance agencies
. 66% life/health insurance agencies

What Are the Titles of Our Registrants?
· 27% CEOs, Chairman, Presidents, Executive Vice Presidents & Vice Presidents
· 73% Producers, Account Executives, Placers & Account Executive

What Percentage of Products Our Registrants Sold in the Last 12 Months?
. 72% Term Life
. 62% Permanent Life
. 57% Fixed Annuities
. 51% P&C Insurance
. 48% Individual Health
. 29% Medicare Supplement
. 26% LTC Insurance
. 24% Disability Income
. 24% Final Expense/Burial Insurance
. 22% Group Health
. 20% Variable Annuities
. 13% Worksite/Payroll Deduction Products

What Is the Size of Our Registration Based on Premium Volume?
· 10% Under $1 million
. 53% $1-9 million
· 14% $10-24 million
· 11% $25-98 million
· 12% write $99 million or more

2007/2008 Performance Overview

* Responses- remained increasing with more quality and quantity of responses

Responded to 1 ad19%

Responded to 2 ads.25%

Responded to 3 ads.10%

Responded to 4+ ads.17%

* Best day to send  Monday 1:30 pm, Tuesday 8:00 am and 1:00 am 

* Subject Lines  Emails with shorter subject lines outperformed emails with longer subject lines

* Deliverability  Overall bounced rate of 5.8. The email bounces, spam filters setting, and Internet protocol are adjusted and fine tuned a minimum of 3 times in a campaign. Our remove list is cleaned every 60 seconds.

* New Number of Recipients  Our email list has increased by 238,000 subscribers emails in 2007/2008. This is mainly do to refer a friend technologies.

* About 1/3 of Ultimate Insurance Resource subscribers keep their ads for more than a month

1 day...15%

2 days to under 1 week.23%

1 week to under 1 month.32%

1 month to under 3 months..14%

3 months or more..16%

From our clients

Yes, they are all talking about us!

We are proud our company has grown mainly to client referrals!

"In 1 day I received about 85 leads of professionals wanting to do business with us. Of these 85 leads, 70 of them had a better skill set than I have seen across my desk in the last year." J. Hutchins

We needed to improve the quality and performance of our email marketing initiatives. Ultimate Insurance Resource gives us the most synergy for our money. They continue to lead as pioneers in industry marketing techniques with unmatched customer support. L. Stack

Ultimate Insurance Resources consulting services have been instrumental in helping us improve the ROI from our email and other marketing campaigns, and improve the relationships we build with our prospects and customers." D. Richards

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how glad I am that I gave in and decided to work with Ultimate Insurance Resource M. Shelton

Steve Sanborn (800)201-0275

Judy Fobes (877)438-7369

Joe Solsano (904)264-5300

Andrew Unkefer (623)847-9101

Nancy Turnquist (800)228-5964

Brad Howard (866)467-6659

Marketers choose Ultimate Insurance Resource for
richer technology features, improved deliverability,
on-demand consulting services to enhance sales,
strengthen brands and increase ROI from eAdvertise Broadcasting


Agent Media

Insurance IQ

Insurance News Net

Ultimate Insurance Resource

Monthly fee $7500.00 $3950.00* $2500.00 $1100.00
Pre Payment discounts
National Blast
Personalized Ongoing Consulting
Ad Creation/Design
Marketing Consultation
In house Direct Mail
Mail forwarding
Real Time Leads
Email aliases unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Customer service Support
Responsive email technical support
Can Spam Act Compliant
List Size 420,000 496,000 250,000

Our Competition Comparison

eAdvertise Broadcast Contract

Special Package  12 eAdvertise Broadcasts Contract

( ) $850.00 monthly for 12 eAdvertise Broadcasts

( ) $950.00 monthly for 6 eAdvertise Broadcasts

( ) $1100.00 monthly for 3 eAdvertise Broadcasts


Company: ___________________________________________________

Company Address: _____________________________________________

Name: ________________________________ Title: _______________

By signing this agreement, client acknowledges having read and understands the terms.

Signature: ________________________________ Date: ______________

Accounting Contact: ___________________________________________

Request eAdvertise Broadcast Date and Product ______________________

Please fax your completed/signed contract to our Nebraska office for processing.
Fax: 308-532-5580 or call us at 702-458-9833.

Please overnight your payments to our Nebraska office for processing:
Mail: 8353 Sagebrush Rd., North Platte, NE 69101

Our Policies

We appreciate your business, and will always find ways to continue to
provide you with the highest quality of services at the lowest price in the industry!

Our job is to help you increase the business placed with you!
As an effort to increase your quality and number of leads we are making some adjustments in the way we do business to maintain our low cost to you.

1. We must have a payment no later than 5 days after of signing your contract. The monthly payment is due no later than the 5th of each month. If your ad runs prior to the 5th of the month we will prior to design.

2. We will not consult or design any ads unless payment is received in full.

3. All contracts are concurrent running with a maximum of a month between broadcasts. If any client does not run concurrent eAdvertise Broadcasts the contract pricing is void and the price will be increased to $1,500 per campaign.

Emailing Dates/Schedules

1. All clients will be assigned a schedule date. All cancellations of schedule date must be 72 hours. Please contact your design consultant no later than the 20th of the month previous at 702-458-9833 to determine a set emailing date for your company.

2. We will not run same or like products on the same mailing date.

3. We will accept holding of dates and/or product after monies received and email advertising approved, provided that the broadcast is completed within 10 days of the hold.


1. A revision fee of $85 for more than two client changes for one eAdvertise Broadcast.
2. Additional graphic changes will be charged at $125.00 an hour.
3. Form Changes $25 an hour

Contract Additional Terms:

This is a binding written contract [hereinafter referred to as agreement], the terms of which are contractual, between Ultimate Insurance Resource Inc. [hereinafter referred to as provider] and the entity, reference above in the box labeled Company hereinafter referred to as Client].

Provider reserves the right to refuse any and all services based on its company policies at anytime. Company agrees that it will not use Providers email designs, ideas or list.

Company acknowledges and agrees that there are no guarantees of success of email marketing campaigns. Company acknowledges and agrees there are no refunds.

Our company policy is, and always has been, to provide the best service available to our customers. We can only continue to do this with our customer's cooperation.

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