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Country: United States of America
State: Vermont
Spam-for-hire shop, spams nearly anything via proxies. Also sells lists and how-to-spam instructions. Claims 170 million opt-in addresses. Home-base in Massachusetts and/or Vermont. Company owned or managed by a Chuck An.

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301 S. Boylston
Boston, MA 02234


Administrative Contact:
Brewster, Mark
301 S. Boylston
Boston, MA 02234

Technical Contact:
Brewster, Mark
301 S. Boylston
Boston, MA 02234

Record last updated 09-12-2005 01:29:33 AM
Record expires on 07-07-2006
Record created on 07-07-2004

Domain servers in listed order:

<> Mark Brewster

Welcome to Omega One Media. We have a well
organized service system here. We have been serving clients
on the web for 6 years now.. We offer a lot of Website related
services that helps businesses get rolling quickly. We also
offer a lot of Marketing services that most businesses need. For example we can help auto dealership companies setup a website that will allow their online shoppers to apply for a car loan directly on their website and connect to the credit check server. Or help investors and Pharmaceutical companies setup an interactive website
We have helped many mortgage companies reach people in
need of loans. We have designed interactive and flash
websites for many of our clients.
We also setup shopping carts for clients who are in
need of setting up a shopping website. We also offer fax
broadcasting and High Ranking Search engine services for
your website to be found by potential customers

Our Mission and Plan

Our company is unique
because we offer many
interesting services and we
are hear to help other
companies grow or expand
on their service

.We can provide you with any prerequisites that you might
need before marketing successfully. We also offer services
list below extensively.

The main services you provide:

Website Designing
Shopping Cart Integration
Ad, Flyer Design - Banner Newsletter Designs
Search Engine Ranking
Mortgage Website and form Design
Bargain Shopping
List your website on High Traffic Web
Email Flyer Designs and Mortgage forms
FAX Broadcasting Service
Financial Solutions

309 College St.
Burlington VT 05401

Mailing Address
70 S. Winooski
Burlington VT 05401

Toll Free Tel: 1 800 519 7696
Local Tel: 1 802 659 4225
Fax: 617 588 0698

Contact us:

We have been helping businesses market their websites
successfully on the web for about 5 years. We know different
methods that can be used to market you business for traffic.
We also know how to help you get your business known by lots
of people.
At Omega One media, we can implement these techniques
for you with a low fee. And you can enjoy a permanent
exposure after we advertise you website to be known by
potential customers.

Mortgage Marketing
Omega One Media provides Mortgage marketing Services for lenders, we are the leader in mortgage website design, gives you the advantage over thousands of lenders, brokers, and loan officers that compete daily against your business. So how do you separate your web site from the thousands of others? How do you know which mortgage marketing tool is going to get you the results you are looking for? Omega One takes the guesswork out of web site mortgage marketing. We work with you to outline a path and we provide the marketing tools for mortgage brokers and lenders to reach their goals.

Market your Mortgage Websites
We realize that every mortgage company has unique marketing needs. Marketing mortgage web sites on the internet is a process that involves customizing each individual web site for their target market or client base. We optimize web sites for search engines and even advertise your web site on relevant pages that increase traffic to your mortgage web site.

We have been doing Search Engine Optimizations for over 5 years.
We were offering this service along with website designing and
shopping cart integration services. Our idea to offer search engine
optimization service arose because when we first started our
company we immediately mastered the advanced techniques on
ranking high in search engines. After just a few weeks, we were
getting more traffic than we hoped for. Then we began to think how
we could divert some of the excess traffic to our long time customers
that ordered services continuously with us. Then from diverting some
of the traffic for a small fee. We then said why don't we offer the full
optimizations for clients and customers who want the service. We
began offering the optimization service around October 2000.

Our search engine submission and optimization services are
designed to greatly improve your current search engine ranking. With
our search engine optimizations we can help you secure top ranking
in Yahoo Google and MSN search results. We do this through a
combination of both on-page and off-page Optimization techniques.
We have Figured out a winning Internet marketing and search engine
marketing plan for high search engine rankings. We have provided
this service for many of the Internet's most successful online

We have optimized many Real Estate websites and even Casino
websites that made millions of dollars afterwards

We currently have 17 employees devoted to this wonderful service.

Reach The Masses by Fax

Fax broadcasting is one of our profit yielding services. We can
help you send thousands of faxes all at once to reach
businesses or private individual in a specific city or country. All
you have to do is provide us with the letter or Advertisement that
you want to broadcast and then tell us what region you want to
broadcast it to and we can send out the mass fax for you within 1
Below are some of the great features of our fax service

Lowest Fax Broadcast Rates
Fax Broadcasting Service Available in the USA, Canada and UK
Review A Test Fax Before Fax Broadcast free.
Sent In Fine Mode, Not Standard Mode
To Remove Duplicates From Your Fax List
Schedule Broadcast Fax For Anytime
Field Mail Merging - Double Your Response!
Retry Busy Numbers In Your Fax List 3 Times
Detailed Broadcast Fax Completion Report
New Account Set Up In 15 Minutes Or Less**
Toll Free Phone Fax Broadcast Support
Already Broadcast Faxing? Contact us for a Special Offer!
Make The Most of Your Fax Broadcasting Campaign



Neena Kumtakar (
Permanent: H. no. 13 / 517 , Plot no. A-5,
La Campala Colony, Campal
Tel. +91.9967993693

Creation Date: 03-May-2010
Expiration Date: 03-May-2011

Domain servers in listed order:

Administrative Contact:
Neena Kumtakar (
Permanent: H. no. 13 / 517 , Plot no. A-5,
La Campala Colony, Campal
Tel. +91.9967993693

Technical Contact:
Neena Kumtakar (
Permanent: H. no. 13 / 517 , Plot no. A-5,
La Campala Colony, Campal
Tel. +91.9967993693

Billing Contact:
Neena Kumtakar (
Permanent: H. no. 13 / 517 , Plot no. A-5,
La Campala Colony, Campal
Tel. +91.9967993693

Note: This Domain Name is Suspended.
In this status the domain name is InActive and will not function.

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