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Country: United States
State: Michigan
In and out of the spamming business for over a dozen years. Moved from Florida, USA to New Zealand. Has been caught spamming there. Back in Florida, USA reports say.

2015 - found in Michigan, and spamming yet again.

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June 26 2002: MX 0 MX 0 NS NS NS NS NS A A ( [] ( []
220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.11.6/8.11.6; Wed, 25 Jun 2002 18:11:21 -0500




Attention: Are you buying leads and data from the "Information America" type companies for .10-.15 cents per record, we sell the same types of data for 1000's of records per penny! As a matter of fact several of these companies use and sell our data since did not have the skills to compile / append the newer internet fields such as web site info and Email addresses.

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411: USA white and yellow pages data records by state.

DISCREETLIST: Adult web site subscribers and adult webmasters Email addresses.

FORTUNE: This database contains primary contact data relating to fortune 500, fortune 1000, and millions more corporations sort able by company size and sales.

GENDERMAIL: Male and female email address lists that allow you target by gender with 97% accuracy.

MARKETMAKERS: Active online investors E M A I L addresses. Also information in reference to thousands of public companies symbols, and descriptions.

MAXDISC: Online website owners, administrators, and technical contacts for website domain name owners of the ".com", ".net", and ".org" sites. This database has information from about 25% of all registered domains with these extensions.

NEWSPAPERS: National directory of newspapers from small local papers to large metro news agencies.

PITBOSS: Avid Online casino and sports book players, and casino webmasters.

SA: South American mailing databases from more than a dozen countries. Each mailing address belongs to a Visa or MasterCard credit card holder.

SOFTWARE: This directory contains 86 software titles, some are fully functional versions and others are demo versions. Many suites of commercial Email tools as well as many other useful resources will be found here to help extract, verify, manage, and deliver successful commercial Email marketing campaigns.

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