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Country: United States of America
State: UT
Damon Mali Wilkinson uses several different businesses names and aliases to lease large IP address ranges to set up as proxies for spammers to blast their spam through.

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webhostingtalk forum post (Damon Wilkinson)

05-01-2014, 02:34 PM
New Member

Manuel Trongone & Mark Perry Bait & Switch By Manuel Trongone of Dade2 Ltd
About 3 months ago we had ordered a server and some IP addresses for our server from the Trongone. He was ever so confident that he could fulfill the order and super happy to take our money. However, when it came to actually delivering the service he could not. He said (also his director of sales Mark said) they would refund the money right away.

Here we are 3 months later and there has been little to no communication back from them. Below is a an email thread of Manuel making promises to pay back the money. But he has not, in addition he has blocked any emails coming from our company so we cannot communicate with him anymore.

Hello Damon,

Your refund request is with our billing department. Refunds are done within 30 days from the refund request. The billing department will notify you once the refund will be emitted

Manuel Trongone
Dade2 Ltd

| m: +39 3497830991 | e: | | w:

That was sent on the 25th of March but yet we still have no money in return

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