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The UK Data Company

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Country: United Kingdom
State: London
Spams, sells spam services and address lists, uses several aliases. Has been spamming and selling spam services for many years.

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Threats & Rants


The following email was sent by David Brett using his alias "Simon Green" to and a number of random UK police addresses. The purpose of sending to random UK police addresses would have been some hope of wasting police time anonymously, however "Simon Green" possibly did not realise that Gmail would show the real sender's account name in the 'From' field... ''.

Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2015 14:57:37 +0100
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Re: police complaint - sbl263864
From: Simon Green <>
Dataflame Internet Services Limited <>,,,,,,
Jo Huddleston <>,,

Spamhaus youve got a german company name with an employee with ss in its
name and you just sent me an email signed D.E.W

This is a formal statement to the Police of pre medidated racism.

[end of message. no 'statement' was included]

In 2011 "David Brett" sent the following threat to Spamhaus. Of note, the threat comes "From" the name and address "Steve Linford" <>. Surprisingly Brett had registered a number of "spamhaus" domains and was fraudulently using the name of Spamhaus CEO Steve Linford as his "From" address. Spamhaus instantly placed all the bogus "spamhaus" domains registered by Brett on the Spamhaus Domain Block List.

From: "Steve Linford" <>
Date: 22 September 2011 09:42:41 CEST
Subject: SBL114756 SR01
Reply-To: "Steve Linford" <>

Hello please contact me ASAP regarding

I have attended your office in London yesterday and I will also attend your office in Geneva if needed to have you arrested for harrasment as what you are claiming is untrue and you are costing me money and I will take all steps needed to ensure that you stop liable my company name.

My number is 07509251349

I am the owner of The UK Data Company and if you look at our website you will see we are reputable.

All we have done is have some technical problems which has caused our system to send you some multiple emails which you have spam trapped us anyway so that dosnt count in UK law.

We do not rip people off and we are not con men and if you put us on your rokso list to imply that we are criminals I will take the steps needed to have you shut down in your home country.


David Brett


A month earlier the same individual, calling himself "Simon Green", had sent Spamhaus the following threat:

From: "The UK Data Company" <>
Date: 24 August 2011 13:28:41 CEST
Subject: SBL114756 SR01
return-path: <>

Hello I am writing to you to get my block lifted in my ip address.

I will take legal action against your organisation if you continue to negativly impact my business.

You have no legal right to do what you are doing and entrapment is illegal in the UK and my clients include Police, NHS, Crimestoppers and other large organisations.

We are a legitimate business and just becuase you say we are spammer that is only your opinion based on your trap tactics which are unacceptable.

It does not have any weight as we are governed by Data Protection and DMA who are the regulators and not your organisation.

I want you to send me the email address of this trap as if we take you to court which we will do then you will have to divulge this to the judge as evidence.

All the best

Simon Green
Senior Account Manager
The UK Data Company

Tel: +44-(0)207-748-6112

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