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Country: United States of America
State: Georgia - Michael Price runs a company selling harvested email lists. They "verify" that their addresses are deliverable by sending out fake "seminar invitations" or "health warnings". SBL Listings History
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Oldie but goodie: narcissistic CEO bully threatens lawsuit

Wednesday, April 21

Oldie but goodie: narcissistic CEO bully threatens lawsuit

Nearly two and a half years ago I got some spammy, scammy marketing email, and found that I wasn't the only one. I reproduced it on this blog, found others had been similarly spammed, and over the time since have received many communications from other people who have been similarly spammed by these douchehats.

Overnight I got a random email, at my WORK address, (new, private, unpublished) from someone (Michael Price, CEOVentures) claiming to own the email/the domain/the organization, that it's not a scam. I replied, asking the guy to take the email to a non-work point of contact. He responds by CALLING me at the office, then follows up with more email saying that I need to retract my statement, send him notice I've done so, or he will file a lawsuit against -- get this -- not just me, but also my new-ish fulltime employer, who of course has nothing to do with this.

Classy! You fucking bully. Digging up my work email simply speaks to your spammer, scammer tactics. Your bully tactics are reproduced here for other people to laugh at as well. Go buy a clue, jerkoff. Typical sociopath CEO. Next time play chicken with someone who doesn't know the law and isn't willing and able to pay to defend themselves from bullies like yourself. Also, hire someone to educate you on how to market yourself and relate to a community, rather than dig holes for years on end. You're not going to erase the well-ranked Google results describing your asshole, spammer tactics if you keep riling people up with them.

Hi Andrew, we are the owners of the CIO Summit which apparently you blogged about in error and the matter was escalated to me. They are definitely real, have hundreds of members, have been around for many years, and as proof I would like share with you recordings of dozens of past meetings with leading CIOs speaking which of course would be impossible to provide if it were the phishing scam you stated.

We demand that you immediately strike the posting which is libelous, defamatory, and needless to say there is significant liability to yourself personally and potentially your past employer Davis Vision where you made the blog posting from etc but let's not go down that route as it is wholly unecessary. I will send the content by separate email (check your spam folder due to all the links) and I will call you Monday morning. Thanks.

Michael Price
CEO Ventures
AIM:MFPrice MSN:MFPrice1

My Reply
I'm not sure how you got this email, or why you chose to contact me at this email instead of the email link provided on the blog itself, but it certainly doesn't make you look like NOT a scammer when you start pulling <60day old private email addresses out of thin air. Don't bother me about personal matters on a work email address. Have some professionalism and I'd be happy to further consider your case.

Michael's reply after I hung up on his bothersome phone call
Andrew, I do not see your email at your blog nor do I have your personal phone so I am unable to contact you by alternate means as you asked (and thanks for hanging up on me, first time ever). You and Apprenda (Sinclair et
al) are about a week away from a law suit being filed, I would suggest you take down the defamatory blog posting and verify back when done. It is untrue and we have provided you evidence to the same.


Bottom of the page, you lazy, self-important jerk. If you can't figure it out, well ... how'd you get to be CEO anyhow?

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