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DNSBL Error Code - Excess Volume
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This page regards queries to a Spamhaus DNSBL made from a DNS resolver.

Consumers of Spamhaus data must comply with Spamhaus DNSBL Usage Terms. A return code of to a query made to Spamhaus public zone servers indicates that the query came from a DNS resolver which does not meet Spamhaus Usage Terms, for example one which has exceeded Spamhaus permissible personal use level. Users of DNS resolvers which exceed that limit are advised to contact Spamhaus Technologies, the company which distributes Spamhaus data commercially.

A Spamhaus DNSBL return code of must not be used to reject email, nor for any other blocking or filtering application of any Internet traffic. That return code only indicates that the DNSBL query was made via a DNS resolver which does not conform with Spamhaus Usage Terms.

Spamhaus DNSBL Usage FAQ has further information about Spamhaus DNSBLs, open resolvers, and return codes.

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