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Blocklist Lookup Results is not listed in the SBL is listed in the PBL, in the following records: is not listed in the XBL

This lookup tool is for manual (non-automated) lookups only. Any perceived use of automated tools to access this web lookup system will result in firewalling or other countermeasures.

Not Listed.  If the IP address or domain you are checking does not show as listed in the results above, then it is not currently in any Spamhaus blocklist. If you are getting email reject messages which say it is listed by a Spamhaus blocklist, then see this FAQ for a possible solution.
Listed.  If the IP address or domain you are checking is listed in any of our blocklists above, this page will tell you which one(s) and will give you a link to the exact record. Follow the link. The linked page will explain why the address is listed and what to do to have it removed.
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