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Terms of Use

Terms of Use of your PBL Account

You agree to only submit to the PBL database CIDR IP ranges that belong to your network. You should submit your full IP assignments for your PBL Master Ranges but you are not required to do so.

Spamhaus retains the right to assign any size CIDR IP Master Ranges belonging to your network up to the full size of your Regional Internet Registry's assignments.

All CIDR submissions are checked manually for ownership by the PBL Team prior to activating each CIDR record. If we have reason to suspect that you are not the rightful owner of a CIDR submitted we will not approve those ranges for your PBL Account. If erroneous submissions become a problem, we may suspend your account at our sole discretion.

You agree to list in PBL Zone all subnets of your Master Ranges where IPs are not statically assigned to dedicated servers. You may, at your own discretion, also list other subnets of your Master Ranges. (Listing mail server IPs will result in many SMTP rejections.)

Spamhaus retains the right to suspend or delete any PBL Account for abusive removals of IPs or IP ranges which should be listed in PBL Zone, or for problematic submission of Master Ranges, or for other reasons at our sole discretion.

Spamhaus agrees to use the data submitted to the PBL database only for the purpose the PBL database is designed for, and to not disclose such information to third parties except as normally viewable through a PBL website record. (In other words, we will not display your Master Ranges or contact information publicly, and any PBL Zone listings we make of your Master Ranges will comply with our normal PBL practices and policies.)

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