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PBL Self-Service IP Removal

Automatic removal mechanism for single Static IP addresses

This function allows mail server operators with Static IP addresses listed on the PBL (such as IPs within a range previously identified as Dynamic but which has been recently reassigned as Static) to automatically remove their Static IP addresses from the PBL database.

Before removing an IP address from the PBL database you must understand this:

THE PBL IS NOT A BLOCKLIST. You are not blocklisted for spamming or for anything you have done. The PBL is simply a list of ALL of the world's end-user broadband IP space, i.e: IP space normally assigned to broadband/ADSL customers. It is perfectly normal for dynamic IP addresses (DSL, DHCP, cable, dialup) to be listed on the PBL. In fact all IP addresses in the world which are not designated mail server machines *should be* on the PBL.

The PBL does not prevent you sending email unless your email program is not authenticating properly when it connects to your ISP or company's mail server. This can happen if you have forgotten to turn on 'Authentication' in your 'outgoing mail' account settings, or if the username/password your email program is giving to your outgoing mail server is wrong.

If you are using a normal email program, such as Outlook, Entourage, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and you are being blocked by a Spamhaus PBL listing when you try to send email, the reason is simply that YOU NEED TO TURN ON 'SMTP AUTHENTICATION' in your email program's account settings. See:
How do I turn on SMTP Authentication?

You should only remove an IP address from the PBL if (A) the IP address is Static and has proper Reverse DNS assigned to your mail server, and (B) if you have a specific technical reason for needing to run a 'direct-to-MX' email service, such as a mail server appliance, off the Static IP address. In all other cases you should NOT remove an IP address from the PBL.

By removing your IP address from the PBL database you are assuming responsibility for any Spam that may later originate from the IP address. If spam is then detected from an IP address excluded from PBL, it may be listed in SBL or XBL under the criteria of those lists.

When requesting a removal, do NOT give a Freemail or free webmail address (such as,,, etc). The PBL system does not process removals from freemail accounts (the system will simply discard any removals you make if you use any 'freemail' address). Always use your real address and your own domain.

You can not remove an IP address that is also listed in another Spamhaus database (such as SBL or XBL) due to other existing spam issues. You can not remove an IP address that has been set to 'non-removable' by your ISP. In this case you need to contact your ISP to resolve the issue.

Removed IP addresses are not actually deleted from the PBL master database, instead they are added to a suppression database which removes the IP address from the current PBL zone build. You can only remove one IP address. Safeguards are built in to prevent abuse of the removal facility by spammers (and particularly by automated bots).

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