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Blocked? To check, get info and resolve listings go to
Blocklist Removal Center

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If you need to remove a listing from a Spamhaus blocklist or want to contact one of our blocklist removal teams, go to the Blocklist Removal Center

If you are blocked by any Spamhaus Blocklist, go to the Blocklist Removal Center. Do not contact any other Spamhaus addresses regarding removal from blocklists as only the blocklist removal teams handle blocklist removals.
Requests for removals sent to any other Spamhaus addresses do not reach the removals teams and are not answered.

Organization Admin & Industry Liaison

Organization enquiries and LEA/CERT contacts (ONLY)
(this address does not handle remove requests)

Press Office

Spamhaus press resources and media enquiries from qualified members of the media (ONLY) regarding media issues, see: Press Office.
For all questions please search Spamhaus' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) first, as most questions are answered there.

Do Not Forward Spam to Spamhaus

The Spamhaus Project is not a general spam abuse desk and can not help with individual spam problems. Please DO NOT forward spam to us (if you do, we will simply ban your address from sending anything to our mail servers).

Anti-DOS Restrictions

To protect Spamhaus servers from DOS there are
restrictions on incoming email connections. To avoid being automatically firewalled by our mail server, do not send multiple rapid emails to Spamhaus or CC multiple Spamhaus addresses.

Can't Email us?

If you are currently on any Spamhaus Blocklist, you will not be able to email any Spamhaus address except the specific blocklist's removals team, via the Blocklist Removal Center.
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