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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Document Builder

All professional ISPs have an Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") document to which customers are bound by the ISP's Terms of Service ("TOS") contract. If you are in the ISP or hosting business it is vital to have an AUP. Without one you leave yourself open to legal challenges from problem customers. Spammers specifically seek out hosts with badly-written or no AUPs because it means they can abuse your network and threaten you when you try to get rid of them.

This page creates an Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") document you can use to protect your ISP/hosting service from customers intent on using your service for spamming and other network abuse. Just enter your company name in the "Full Name of ISP" field below and press "Create AUP". The form will produce the necessary AUP text that you can copy/paste directly into your website's 'policies' page and/or customer contract page.

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