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Spam King Alan Ralsky indicted

2008-01-03 23:41:00 GMT, by Quentin Jenkins
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The US Department of Justice went public on January 3rd with the indictment of Alan Ralsky and 10 others who helped him. Ralsky topped our Top 10 Worst Spammers list for quite some time and was involved in almost any sort of spam activity that's being done. He and his gang frequently sent millions of spam messages per day. In recent years his focus has been on stock spam, and that's a key part of what the US DOJ indicted him for.

We at Spamhaus are of course very pleased at this news. Our specialists work regularly with law enforcement investigating a number of spammers, and while we can never talk about the details, we're delighted that we were able to contribute to this indictment, and that it can now be made public.

Congratulations to all involved with this success!
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    UPDATE: Latest on Ralsky

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