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The DROP List (plain text)
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Spamhaus BGP feed (BGPf)

Spamhaus offers a Border Gateway Protocol feed of three of its lists, which Spamhaus refers to as the BGPf, which is comprised of the following three datasets: the Botnet C&C list (called BGPCC when served via BGPf), the DROP list, and the extended DROP list (EDROP). These lists are intended to be loaded into routers and then used to block packets originating from IPs involved in certain types of malicious activity. Following is further information about BGPf:

65190:1000Spamhaus DROPServes Spamhaus DROP listDetails
65190:2000Spamhaus EDROPServes Spamhaus extended DROP listDetails
65190:3000Spamhaus BGPCCServes Spamhaus Botnet C&C listDetails

The Spamhaus DROP list, as well as the Spamhaus extended DROP list (EDROP) are available for free in text format. A BGP feed of all three lists is available for a free trial. For details, please contact our Data feed providers.

Each of the three lists have their own listing policies. Those listing policies are public, and can be found here:

Case Studies
The Spamhaus BGPf has already proven its effectiveness on production networks. A case study about the implementation of BGPf in a production environment can be found here:

In 2013, Spamhaus published a blog post about the effectiveness of BGPf. The blog post provides some insights about the data served via BGPf and can be viewed here:

Available lists that are free of charge
Spamhaus DROP and EDROP are also available in plain text format and can be obtained for free here:

BGPf Usage Terms

Spamhaus DROP and Spamhaus EDROP as plain text lists are free for commercial and non-commercial usage (BGPf and plain text). If you want to redistribute one of the plain text feeds please ensure that you name Spamhaus as source of the data. (For example, include the copyright statement at the top of the list).

If you adopt the BGPf version of one of these lists or the botnet C&C list in your network, you are not allowed to redistribute the feed to other networks. The export of these feeds/prefixes to other networks is prohibited.
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